Straight Truck Rental in Fort Worth, TX

COOP is a great platform for businesses looking to rent straight trucks. Regardless of the size of the job, there is always a truck big and good enough to get it done, and the diversity that straight trucks offer makes transportation effortless. So, you don’t have to worry whether you need a heavy-duty truck or a light one.

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Common Straight Truck Features

  • Automatic transmission and power steering for easy driving
  • Size: 24-26 feet
  • Cargo space: up to 1,600 cubic feet, 26,000 GVW up to 8,000 lb. of load capacity, 33,000 GVW up to 15,000 lbs.
  • Air-conditioned, AM/FM radio with CD
  • All lift gates have a standard power up and down feature
  • Body reinforced to accept forklift loading
  • Two rows of E-Track, flat floor & slat interior protect cargo and keep loads secure

Available Truck Types

Here are some possible variations of truck rentals in Fort Worth

Light Duty Straight Trucks

As the name suggests, these are the small straight trucks, which are designed to haul light duty loads. They fall under the lower classes of straight trucks and are great for businesses that run every-day pickups and deliveries. This could be anything from small equipment to retail items and goods.  

Medium Duty Straight Trucks

While a lot of businesses only need to make light-duty deliveries and transportation, other businesses need to transport heavier loads. These may not necessarily be very heavy-duty needs, but small trucks are not able to get the job done. Medium duty straight trucks are for such businesses. Every straight truck falls under a certain class, and different straight truck classes are meant to carry a certain limit if loads. 

Heavy-Duty Straight Trucks

When it comes to straight trucks, there are no limitations. You don’t have to worry if your transportation needs are heavy duty. A lot of straight truck manufacturers have continued to address different business transportation needs through building heavy duty trucks. And since these trucks are bigger and heavier, that does not mean that they perform poorer than lights and smaller trucks. Better innovations and technology have made it possible to improve the performance as well. 

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Truck Brands

COOP offers multiple brands of rentals in Fort Worth, check below for some potential brands for rent depending on availability.


While Freightliner is regarded as a top trailer manufacturer in the US, their day cabs are also highly sought-after in different parts of the world. It has a good number of tandem axle day cabs serving in the transport industry today. In North America, it is regarded as a top truck manufacturer. Since its establishment in 1942, Freightliner products beat their counterparts in both performance and safety.

Mercedes Sprinter vans

These vans offer high-roof space, giving you maximum cargo space. These are some of the best vans on the market and they are perfect for your transport needs.


With Isuzu, you can select a light, medium, or heavy-duty truck. Isuzu is one of the top truck companies so there is no doubt that you will be renting a great truck.

Thermo King

Thermo King is known for offering the top refrigerated trucks. They come in different models and depending on the nature of your business, there is always a truck for you.

Big Tex Trailers

Having been in operation for over 30 years, Big Tex Trailers produces some of the strongest and most stable trailers there are. They are highly reliable with top-notch quality, not to mention that Big Tex Trailers are installed with both electric and hydraulic brakes.

Wabash National Corporation

Wabash National Corporation started its operations dating back in 1985, with over 70 patents today. The company has some of the best-designed trailers of high standards and examples of the trailers they manufacture include platform trailers, refrigerated trailers, and intermodal equipment.

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co.

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co. has the largest output of reefer trailers and is one of the best trailer manufacturing companies in the USA. The company is also family-owned and produces trailers of the highest standards. Some of the trailers it manufactures include flatbeds, dry van trailers, curtain-sided trailers, and of course reefer trailers.


International tandem axle day cabs offer great features for a driver with both light-duty and heavy-duty needs. The company uses different innovative technologies to improve their production and this explains why their tractors are some of the most sought-after tractors. Due to high demand, the company has branched out to different sales outlets around the world.

Triton Trailers

Triton Trailers has been one of the longest-operating companies in the USA. The company has a strong focus on quality and safety of their products and ultimate customer service. Triton Trailers is known for its high-quality steel and aluminum trailers.

Stoughton Trailers

Stoughton Trailers have their headquarters located in Stoughton, Wisconsin with a focus on the production of dry van trailers, grain trailers, chassis, reefer trailers, and containers. As a way to expand operations, the company has 9 operation centers in South Central Wisconsin. The company is also among the top trailer manufacturing companies in the USA with some of the most durable trailers.


Peterbilt straight truck features are some of the best. The headquarters of the company is located in Chicago, but during the years of its operation, the company has opened other sales offices in more than 60 offices. Peterbilt is a subsidiary of Paccar, and has other divisions like IC Bus, etc. Peterbilt’s first truck was built in 1939, and all their straight trucks have continued to portray great performance capabilities.


While Scania is known for manufacturing heavy-duty trucks, it also deals with the manufacture of diesel engines for the same. The company was started in 1891 and has been regarded as one of the best straight truck manufacturing companies. The company is headquartered in Sodertalje in Sweden and is a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group.

Truck Uses

The truck rented on COOP can be used for any of your business needs. Here are some examples of the types of uses for trucks rented on COOP.

Pick-up and Deliveries

Straight trucks are also great for making pickups and deliveries in Fort Worth. Pick up and delivery businesses don’t want complaints about delivering broken or spoiled items as bad reviews tarnish the business name. Straight trucks are very reliable, considering that they prevent contact with rain or sun, and are lockable to prevent theft. Also, businesses can make as many deliveries as there are orders since straight trucks are big enough to carry many items at the same time.   

Moving Services

One of the most dominant uses of straight trucks is furniture and appliance hauling. Most household items need to be handled with a lot of care during transportation because of how delicate they are. The enclosed sides and roof of straight trucks ensure that the loads are transported safely. Also, office furniture and other items will need to be hauled carefully to avoid spoilage. 

Heavy Hauling

Straight trucks are both large and heavy-duty. And a lot of business owners need such for their heavy hauling needs. Depending on the nature of the task, there are different types of straight trucks, built to endure heavy loads for whatever distance. Signing up on the COOP website gives you access to different heavy-duty straight truck rentals available in Fort Worth.

Fort Worth, TX Businesses Using Straight Trucks

Food trucks are a trend that has continued to be adapted in different countries. The good thing about food truck businesses is that they are cheaper to start and run when compared to hotels and restaurants. Straight trucks are big enough to operate as food trucks, and even better, such businesses don’t have to budget for new trucks when starting the business. A good solution is renting a straight truck of your choice, in terms of size and model on COOP.


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Step 3

Submit a reservation request for the truck of your choice. You will then receive a confirmation containing all the pickup information you need. Payment will be made at pickup via credit card.

When you pick up the truck, it is important to take pictures. This will protect you in case the owner assumes you caused any damage in return.

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