Q2 2023 Rental Guide: Prepare Your Business for Spring

Download this guide for valuable data and insights to empower your business to make informed decisions on how to approach changes in the transportation industry in the second quarter. Learn how businesses like yours are overcoming today’s challenges with COOP by Ryder.

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Q2 2023 Rental Guide: Prepare Your Business for Spring
What's covered in this guide:
Changes in freight rates, new truck regulations, and more.
Historical industry and rental trends.
In-demand vehicles overview.
Tips to optimize your fleet utilization.

Who is COOP?

Our cutting-edge platform lets your business unlock the ability to rent and list quality trailers and trucks, tractors, and vans that are part of a Ryder lease or maintenance program all in one place. Backed by Ryder’s team of experts and years of extensive knowledge in the industry, we’re empowering companies to maximize the potential of their fleet operations.

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