April 24, 2023
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3 Driver Challenges Impacting Businesses in Transportation

Truck drivers are essential to transportation and logistics. Our communities depend on them to deliver medicine, food, raw materials, and other essentials. If your business moves goods around the country, it’s important to be aware of the driver challenges that the industry is faced with.

In this blog we’ll go over the top truck driver challenges and what they could mean for your operations. If you’re looking for ways to navigate these challenges without sacrificing efficiency, the COOP platform provides ultimate fleet flexibility to prepare for understaffing, disruptions, and more. Download our guide for a deeper dive and to learn more about driver statistics and tips to keep top of mind.

3 Driver Challenges Impacting Businesses in Transportation

Truck drivers are the unsung heroes of the American workforce. At COOP, we are proud of the work that they do everyday. And while most enjoy life on the road, life as a truck driver is not always smooth ride.

These three factors are just a few top reasons why the transportation industry is affected by driver challenges:

1.     Driver Shortages – This issue has been an ongoing struggle for companies for many years. An aging average workforce, problems with work-life balance, stagnant wages for company drivers, high employee turnover, and more lead to the shortage.

2.     Truck Parking – Lack of truck parking is especially challenging in and around metropolitan areas where population densities increase consumer freight demand.

3.     Safety Risk for Drivers –Vehicle and road conditions, irregular schedules, mental wellness concerns, and poor eating options affect the health and safety of those on the road.

Read our guide for more stats and information.

3 Tips to Overcome Driver Challenges

Here are a few tips on how to adapt and overcome to these issues:

·     Prioritize company culture, offer competitive pay, and look into implementing shorter driving routes.

·     List your vehicles for rent on COOP to profit from idle vehicles if you have parking challenges or are underutilizing your fleet.

·      Ensure driver safety by staying on top of vehicle maintenance, offer health benefits, and give drivers time to rest and recharge.

Join COOP by Ryder to Maneuver Bumps in the Road

Concerns in the industry regarding truck drivers are a genuine problem that will continue in2023 and beyond. Logistics operations and businesses transporting goods must be prepared for understaffing or disruptions. COOP offers modern and transparent commercial vehicle rental solutions to offset costs, minimize risks, and improve your bottom line.

We’re making it easier for trusted businesses to connect and optimize the use of vans, trucks, tractors, and trailers. COOP provides control, options, and complete flexibility for your fleet needs. As an Owner, you can list idle vehicles to generate additional revenue, and Renters can choose from thousands of competitively priced vehicles with unique specs.

Download our driver challenges guide now to get more insights!

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