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Here's everything you need to know if you're just getting started or want to learn about the many ways you can optimize your COOP experience.

Getting Started

Getting Started

Access to Valuable Tools

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COOP Smart Rate

This innovative tool dynamically adjusts your vehicle rates to help you to maximize your earning potential. Read our blog for more details.

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Vehicle Downtime Coverage

Share vehicles with even more confidence. With this coverage, you can guarantee your earnings if a vehicle has unexpected downtime during a rental. Learn more here.

Best Practices

Grow your business and put your company in the best position to get rentals on the platform by following some simple guidelines. Read our blog for more details.

Tips to Learn & Earn

Respond Quickly

Respond as soon as possible to requests and extensions to secure more profitable rental days and boost your reviews. Read here for more details.

Maintain Vehicles Availability Calendar

To get reservations that work for your business, keep your vehicle's availability up to date. You can easily change the dates each truck is available on your vehicle page. Find the steps here.

Leverage User-to-User Chat

To discuss details about a reservation, the user-to-user chat is a great tool for smoother transactions. Read our blog post on how the chat can help you with your rentals.

Show Off Your Fleet

Pictures are worth a thousand words and can generate additional revenue too. Owners see more rentals with appealing vehicle photos. Learn how to best showcase your all-star fleet here.


Real-time tools and information for rentals.

Mobile App
Search, book, and manage rentals on the go.
Renter Dashboard
Easily track rental activity, see invoices, and more all in one place.
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COOP mobile app showing commercial vehicles for rent.

Catch Up on the Latest With COOP

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