May 10, 2022
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What to Message with COOP’s User-to-User Chat?

If you have ever used COOP to share commercial vehicles, you know that communication is key. When it comes to working things out with your Renter or Owner, user-to-user chat is a great tool to use for discussing details about your reservation.

We recommend using user-to-user chat for all reservation communications between Owners and Renters. Streamline your business’s messages all in one place. Most of the time, reservation needs between Owner and Renter can be managed with a simple message without ever needing assistance from COOP’s team. So how can Owners and Renters use user-to-user to chat to help with their reservations?

How COOP’s user-to-user chat can help Owners

User-to-user messages are a great way for Owners to get rated highly at the end of their reservations. Respond to Renters promptly and always be polite. Renters may reach out to you for any number of questions, to help clarify and remedy situations as they happen, try to guide them to solutions that are based on your knowledge of your fleet. Remember to still use the app for all the reservation management features like extending reservations or matters related to billing. User-to-user chat can be helpful to: 

  • Send a booking message to thank the Renter for choosing your vehicles
  • Message the Renter about any special instructions for pick-up and drop-off  
  • Send a post-pick-up message reminding the Renter of some of the desirable specs of your vehicle, such as AM/FM radio, heated seats, or rub rails. 
  • Answer any questions the Renter might have during their reservation
  • Thank the Renter for reserving your vehicle after drop-off, and ask for a 5-star review

For our Owners, user-to-user chat offers a professional channel of communication for your Renters. Be available to them, so that Renters on COOP come back to rent your listings and earn your business revenue time and again.

How COOP’s User-to-User Chat can help Renters

Renters can use user-to-user chat to get questions answered quickly while they’re on-the-road with a reservation. Messages are an easy way to get in contact with a vehicle’s Owner as a reference for your needs. Remember, as a Renter, you are the borrower of the vehicle so be sure to treat the Owner with respect and keep their vehicle in good condition. Some samples of good Renter messages to send are: 

  • Ask to be let in a fenced lot when arriving for vehicle pick-up or drop-off
  • Learn what features the driver has for accommodation, especially for sleeper tractors
  • Get an answer about the location of sand bags, traffic cones, or other tools available within the vehicle
  • Let the Owner know the exact time of day to expect the vehicle to be dropped off
  • Thank the Owner for a great rental experience and ask for a 5-star review

For our Renters, user-to-user chat is a great resource during a reservation. They have a streamlined way to speak with the vehicle Owner that is easy to reference.

When to Get COOP Involved

Certain things should always be handled through the platform, rather than through messaging. Please continue to use features outside of user-to-user chat for extension requests, reporting vehicle condition, and billing. 

During a reservation, extension requests need to be handled by requesting one on the reservation to make sure that the contacts are updated, and so that you can continue to have access to 24/7 roadside assistance on your reservation. Any incidents that occur during the rental, such as accidents or damage, must be reported to the COOP team. Please do not make assurances via user-to-user chat and continue to use the Resolution Center to manage these situations. 

We expect all of our customers to treat each other with respect. Our priority is to keep the network of Renters and Owners on the platform a professional and safe place to conduct business. In addition to extension requests, if a Renter escalates messages into an argument, requests a refund, or otherwise is unprofessional, please forward to an account manager. Our team will look into any communications you alert us to.

Never pay for your reservation outside of COOP. If someone asks you to pay for a reservation outside our payment system or you think someone might be sending you links to a fake COOP site, contact our team immediately.

With user-to-user chat, Owners and Renters now have a tool to make your reservations go even more smoothly. Enjoy streamlined communications as you generate earnings or secure extra capacity on COOP commercial vehicle rental reservations. We are happy to bring your business user-to-user chat technology. It is just one more way we help your business have more control over your reservations and share vehicles with confidence.

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