Earn Revenue from Your Idle Trailers and Vehicles

Do more with your commercial vehicles and set your business up for success with COOP by Ryder, the leading fleet optimization platform. Listing your idle dry van, reefer, storage, and flatbed semi trailers, or Ryder lease or maintained trucks, tractors, and vans for rent lets thousands of trusted businesses browse and book digitally to provide a seamless and convenient rental experience.

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Why Rent Out Your Vehicles?

Reasons to drive your business forward.

Generate Revenue
Earn thousands each month from idle vehicles.
Offset Transportation Costs
Pay off vehicle leases, permits, and more.
Avoid Expensive Storage and Parking Costs
Save money and free up capital to invest in other parts of your business.
Increase Vehicle Utilization
Maximize efficiency and reduce operational costs with vehicles consistently in use.
Seasonal Needs
Profit from vehicle downtime during off months.

See How Much Revenue Your
Vehicles Could Earn

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Witness the Power of COOP

Watch our video for a sneak peek at COOP's platform and discover how our transportation solutions can help your business needs.

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Types of Vehicles Your Business Can List

Get the flexibility to manage your rentals all in one place.


We specialize in commercial trailer rentals, trailer interchange, and trailer solutions nationwide. Companies can register for a COOP account to list various semi trailer types for rent including:

Dry Van

Ryder Lease or Ryder Maintained Power Units

For a smoother rental experience, businesses with power units that are part of a Ryder lease or maintenance program have the potential to list the following types of vehicles on the platform:


To find out if your vehicles meet our listing requirements click here.

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Why List With COOP?

Control, options, and expertise to optimize fleet use at your fingertips.

Dedicated Account Managers

Personalized support to ensure optimal vehicle utilization.

User-Friendly Platform

Manage your vehicles with more flexibility – adjust availability, offer long-term discounts to attract Renters, and more.

Large Renter Network

Access to 17,000+ businesses with changing rental needs year-round.

COOP Smart Rate

Our dynamic pricing tool helps maximize earning potential.

Plus, we’re backed by Ryder’s team of experts and years of extensive knowledge in the industry.

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Trust & Safety

Peace of mind on every rental.

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Rental Coverage

$1M liability & $100K physical damage policy is required to rent out vehicles.

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24/7 Roadside Assistance

Included with all reservations to service your vehicle should an incident occur.

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Carefully Vetted Renters

Our rental requirements are set in place to make sure trusted businesses care for your vehicles as their own.

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Vehicle Downtime Coverage

Guarantee your earnings if a vehicle has unexpected downtime during a rental.

Free Case Study

How One Company Went From 76% Fleet Utilization to 98%

Download your free case study to discover how Sneed Leasing got personalized support to improve vehicle utilization by listing idle trailers to gain these benefits:

  • Generate extra revenue and offset costs
  • Flexible options for renting out idle assets
  • Peace of mind on every rental with vetted businesses


Real-time tools and information for rentals.

Mobile App
Search, book, and manage rentals on the go.
Renter Dashboard
Easily track rental activity, see invoices, and more all in one place.
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Owner Testimonial

Don't just take our word, hear what COOP customers have to say about our platform.

“Our asset utilization rate increased from 76% to 98% thanks to the COOP platform.”

Phil Sneed
President, Sneed Leasing

“You can take advantage of the platform to rent out those idle trailers, trucks, or tractors to generate revenue for your business.”

Leonardo D’Agostini
Business Development Manager, Bowman Trailer Leasing

*Revenue calculator is provided for illustrative and educational purposes only. Estimates listed are based on the average daily rate and are subject to change. Actual earnings may differ from estimate based on additional factors.

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