Are all vehicles accepted to list on COOP?

A wide variety of commercial vehicles can be listed on the COOP platform, including cargo vans, straight trucks, tractors, and trailers.

In order to list vehicles, your business must meet the following requirements:


·  Provide a valid registration

·  Proof of Insurance

·  Have an active Department of Transportation number (DOT) for required vehicles

There are no age restrictions for listing trailers.

Passenger and personal vehicles are ineligible for the COOP platform.

COOP reserves the right to modify eligibility requirements at any time for any reason.

To maximize your opportunity for revenue, meet safety and maintenance standards, and the demand of Renters, we consider various factors to determine which vehicles are best for listing. It provides an optimal operating experience for all businesses on the platform.

Once an approved vehicle no longer meets the listing requirements, it is unlisted from the platform. Exceptions may be granted for “specialty” vehicles or vehicles added before September 2022. In these cases, our team will perform an additional review to verify if they are approved for listing or keeping on the platform.

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