Commercial Trailer Rentals

Drive your business forward and reserve commercial trailers on COOP. Whether you need to transport goods, need trailers for storage use, or are looking to rent in bulk to build your trailer pool, you can find heavy-duty commercial trailers on our platform. Find various refrigerated trailers, dry van trailers, and flatbed trailers with a range of specifications.

Trailer Features For Your Business

  • Choose from lift gates, roll doors, and swing doors
  • Reinforced body to accept forklift loading
  • Find trailers equipped with e-Track or logistics posts for cargo handling
  • Choose from daily, weekly, or long-term rental options
  • Rental locations available across the United States

The specifications listed are based upon COOP's most commonly rented fleet. They are not the exact measurements of all fleet vehicles rented by COOP. Specifications will vary by make, model, and year of trailer.

Rental Options

No matter the job, enjoy the freedom of flexibility at competitive rates.

Seasonal demand with excess capacity

Efficiently secure trailers and vehicles for use during peak times.

Short & long term rentals

Get more choices to meet immediate needs or fulfill extended requests.

Bulk rentals

Streamline your operations with multiple vehicles.

Storage Trailers

A secure and convenient solution for storing inventory.

Rows and rows of trailers sitting in a parking lot

Bulk Rentals

Looking for a large quantity of trailers? Our team can help with all large-scale transportation needs for maximum efficiency and savings.

Get negotiated rates
Bulk rentals provide the opportunity for a price break on reservations.
Pick-up and source multiple vehicles from one location
With COOP, you have the ability to choose from hundreds of pick-up locations across the nation.
Vehicle repositioning and transfers
Speak with our team about solutions and options for deliveries, load outs, and tow aways.
Request Multiple Vehicles

Commercial Trailer Rental FAQ

What's the biggest trailer you can rent?

The biggest trailer available for rent is the 53’ dry van trailer. A flatbed trailer with its low decks and ample tie-down rings is typically 48’. This trailer is perfect for larger, OTR deliveries and commercial needs. Specialty trailers for wide loads, heavy hauls and more should contact our team directly.

Why is it called a semi-trailer?

A semi-trailer earns its name because it lacks a front axle, unlike regular trailers. As a result, it differs from trailers in that some of its weight is supported by its wheels while the rest is usually supported by the tractor unit that hauls it. This unique feature distinguishes it as a semi-trailer.

Who owns COOP?

COOP is owned by Ryder and brings industry expertise, trust, and reliability as part of their mutual DNA.

Trust & Safety

Confidence on every rental.

COOP Coverage

A quick, cost-effective, and hassle-free quality option that offers $100K physical damage and $1M liability.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Included with all reservations, we strive to get you the services you need and connect you with a local vendor to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Carefully Vetted Vehicles

Our vehicle requirements are set in place to make sure your business receives regularly serviced and well-maintained vehicles in good working condition.

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