Rentals for Trailer Pools

Expand Your Supply Network with COOP

Looking for a large number of semi trailers to build your trailer pool or use in a drop and hook application? With COOP’s extensive network of trailers, your business can rent multiple trailers for trailer pooling and drop and hook nationwide. Unlock the options you need to streamline your operations, reduce costs, and save time with our cutting-edge platform.

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Benefits of COOP Rentals for Your Trailer Pools

For many businesses, COOP is a one-stop shop for dry van, refrigerated, and flatbed trailers. You can rent them as part of your trailer pool operations to gain several benefits. Here are three worth mentioning:

Cost Savings

With our rentals, companies reduce the need for owning excess trailer inventory and can minimize costs associated with trailer lot fees, maintenance, and repairs.

Increased Flexibility

Businesses can tap into our network of over 30,000 specialized trailers that can be used in your trailer pool and drop and hook applications. Get access to them when needed to increase your trailer pool during peak demand to keep goods and vehicles moving between locations.

Optimized Asset Utilization

Based on demand and shipping routes, we can source equipment for your trailer pool in locations all across the United States. With our dedicated over the road support and Ryder’s backing, we help businesses mitigate risks and maximize the utilization of commercial rentals, leading to successful asset use.

One Platform for Any Transportation Solution

Need vehicles for days on end? Have goods waiting to be scooped up due to seasonal demands? Want to use technology to get more visibility over your shipments? You’ve arrived at your destination.

Experience the benefits of renting commercial trailers and vehicles on COOP. Access thousands of rentals with unique specifications. Enjoy flexible options, nationwide availability, COOP insurance, 24/7 roadside assistance, and competitive rates.

Optimize trailer utilization and reduce idle time - it's a win-win. Trailer pool and drop & hook are efficient ways to minimize costs and maximize resource utilization across the supply chain through seamless exchanges that keep trucks and your business moving.

Whether you need to rent out vehicles near you or want to strategically relocate them to areas with a higher demand to enhance utilization, speak with our team of experts about repositioning options.

We have a wide variety of trailers available for storage use. Our platform makes it easy to filter your search to find commercial storage trailers with the right features at the right price.

Hassle-Free Commercial Trailer Pick Up and Delivery Services

Get semi trailers when and where you need them! With COOP by Ryder you can enjoy these advantages on transfer services for rentals:


Timely Turnaround Times

Trusted Partnerships

Real-Time Updates

Who is COOP?

Our cutting-edge platform lets your business unlock the ability to rent and list quality trailers and trucks, tractors, and vans that are part of a Ryder lease or maintenance program all in one place. Backed by Ryder’s team of experts and years of extensive knowledge in the industry, we’re empowering companies to maximize the potential of their fleet operations.

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Witness the Power of COOP

Watch our video for a sneak peek at COOP's platform and discover how our transportation solutions can help your business needs.

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Trust & Safety

Confidence on every rental.

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COOP Coverage

A quick, cost-effective, and hassle-free quality option that offers $100K physical damage and $1M liability.

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24/7 Roadside Assistance

Included with all reservations, we strive to get you the services you need and connect you with a local vendor to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

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Carefully Vetted Vehicles

Our vehicle requirements are set in place to make sure your business receives regularly serviced and well-maintained vehicles in good working condition.

Free Case Study

How One Company Tripled Daily Delivery Loads

Get your free case study to see how a major food distribution company improved operations with strategic drop-and-hook freight by:

  • Solving for long loading and unloading times
  • Utilizing trailer pools as a cost-saving solution
  • Improving driver retention

Renting Trailers for Pooling FAQs

What is the benefit of using commercial vehicle rentals for trailer pooling?

Using rental trailers to build a trailer pool can help businesses save costs, improve efficiency, and reduce empty trailer miles by participating in trailer pooling arrangements. Trailer pooling involves multiple companies sharing and utilizing a common pool of commercial trailers to optimize transportation and logistics operations.

How do businesses manage trailer pooling arrangements?

Businesses often use advanced systems and tools to streamline the scheduling of shipments. By using semi trailers rented on the COOP platform, businesses are able to coordinate the movement of trailers within a pooling network.

What factors should businesses consider when renting commercial trailers for trailer pools?

Businesses should evaluate various factors, such as the ability to rent multiple trailers, where they are located, and the reliability of the rental partner. COOP is backed by Ryder, and our team of experts is available to help find the right trailers for added trust, safety, and peace of mind.

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