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How do I schedule availability?

You should regularly update your vehicle’s availability to get reservations that work for your business. On the COOP platform you can change the availability for each vehicle on your specific vehicle page. Follow these steps to find a vehicle that you’ve listed and set it as available: 

  • In Account Management,  go to your Manage Fleet tab
  • Find the vehicle that you’d like to set availability for, and click Manage Vehicle
  • Select the ‘Update Availability’ option to open up a dialogue box for availability. 

Two options are available to Owners: ‘Always Available’ that gives maximum flexibility to a vehicle sitting in the lot otherwise; ‘Choose Specific Date Ranges’ that is the most custom option to set multiple date ranges by selecting known start and end times for availability from the calendar. 

We encourage businesses to bookmark their fleet management page to keep their listings updated as new information becomes available. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have about 

Having available days on Monday or Tuesday is a good way to get more requests from Renters on the platform. For other tips on this, check out our blog post on How to Set Your Vehicle’s Availability.

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