April 25, 2022
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4 Ways COOP Helps Companies with Large Fleets Succeed

The transportation industry has a great variety of demand, so we are dedicated to making our technology better serve companies at any size. Whether it is a large fleet of tractors, trailers, trucks, or any mix of those specs, we can help. COOP by Ryder, the commercial vehicle sharing platform, is a straightforward way to bring your large fleet additional revenue. The features of our app make it easy for you to list dozens of vehicles, adapt those listings, and maximize your revenue. See some of our top ways for how to improve your fleet with COOP:

#1 Reservation Management for Large Fleets

On your COOP dashboard, Owners can monitor their listed fleet at-a-glance. View performance metrics, revenue earned, average transaction length, and more. Check how your fleet that is listed on the platform is progressing over time, all in one place. Access to these analytics allows you to make quick business decisions based on the stats you’re seeing in real time. 

When it comes to larger fleets, it can be hard to find a single vehicle. Our app took that into consideration. On your reservations page, you can search your reservations through filters like reservation status, vehicle type, location, and more. 

Sometimes, large fleets are inconvenient to micro-manage. That is why we added automation options for your fleet on COOP. You can set your fleet settings to automatically approve reservation extensions. Now Owners can opt into accepting all rental extension requests without taking any action. Renters will get to request to keep a vehicle longer, and you can automatically earn more money for your business.

#2 Streamlined Billing for Multiple Reservations

Each reservation comes with easy access to documentation, such as images, IFTA filing, and damage reports. On your reservations page, you can find all of this within each reservation in the Resolution Center. You can also find direct contact information for renters, and numbers such as earnings that are relevant to each reservation. For rentals that go for longer than 30 days, notify our COOP team. This way, you will receive payment for the vehicle each month so that you do not have to wait for the rental to end to receive periodic payment.

With our mobile app you can manage your fleet anywhere, anytime. All the features you need to keep the wheels moving through rental reservations are available on-the-go.

#3 Expert Advice for Large Fleets from COOP Team

Over time, it becomes very easy to complete the transaction process and you’ll be able to generate revenue on the platform without hesitation. Our team is filled with experts that understand regional and national transportation industry trends. Assistance specific to your account can help your business grow. With our advice, your business can secure the most profitable rentals. We even develop seasonal market guides for commercial vehicle rentals.

#4 Potential for Additional Benefits

After some time on the platform collecting good reviews, adding vehicles, and renting them out, you could be recognized for being one of our top Owners. Those companies in our Premium Owner program enjoy excellent perks. This program gives your business a pathway to more Renters finding your fleet’s available vehicles, more bookings, and more revenue. Businesses with larger fleets usually have an easier time meeting the qualifications for this program. 

For more tips on how to get the most out of your vehicles on COOP for fleet’s of any size, check out our Owner best practices. Through COOP’s technology, our tools for large fleets with multiple reservations, and our expert team your fleet will be well on its way toward generating an impactful revenue stream each month.

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