6 Safe Winter Driving Tips

6 Safe Winter Driving Tips

Whether your fleet is based in the North or your business is about to send vehicles out to colder climates, it’s important to remind your Drivers how they can stay safe on the roads. Even a Driver who has driven through ice and snow before would appreciate your consideration with these friendly tips. Secure your fleet, your loads, and your peace of mind. Give your Drivers these safety practices for driving in winter weather.

Behind the wheel of a driver navigating winter roads

Be prepared given the unpredictability of harsh weather conditions. To deliver your freight safely on winter roads, have your Drivers follow these six tips:

  1. Add sand and salt bags to the unit before it gets out on the road. In case a vehicle gets a little stuck at a rest-stop, this is a handy tool for the Driver.
  2. Buckle up, this should always be the case, but it’s especially important when ice skidding is possible.
  3. Stay farther than normal from other vehicles. On a road that is wet the Driver should keep twice the normal stopping distance, and on icy roads they should keep 10 times the normal stopping distance.
  4. Slow down, so the Driver can react appropriately to low visibility weather conditions.
  5. Pay attention to water spray, a good indicator of the quality of the roads is to see the type of spray coming off the tires of vehicles ahead of the Driver.
  6. If in doubt, pull over. No loads are worth rushing during harsh weather conditions, make sure the Driver prioritizes their own safety.
A semi-truck drives through snowy weather

At the end of the day, it comes down to the skill of the Driver to get your vehicle through the cold. Show them that you value their work as well as their safety. Upgrade your fleet with quality of life specs, such as microwaves and heated seats, to show your appreciation. If you’re looking for other ways to get your fleet ready, check out our blog on Preparing Your Commercial Vehicles for the Winter.

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