Announcing Premium Owners Program

Announcing Premium Owners Program

We always strive to improve our services so that businesses can share vehicles with confidence. To celebrate our top-rated and most experienced Owners, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the COOP by Ryder® Premium Owner program. 

COOP is the leading vehicle sharing platform to generate revenue for your business by putting your vehicles in good hands. Premium Owners will see more rentals, more earnings, and more rewards for their experience and quality listings. 

Qualifications for Premium Owners

We want to be sure that this program has the top Owners on the platform. To this end, Owners must meet several qualifications to be enrolled in the program. To become a Premium Owner, a business must: 

  • Receive 4+ average star rating.  Renters that have rented these Owner’s vehicles have had positive experiences and rated them highly consistently. This shows that an Owner has a proven record of providing reliable vehicles that are in good condition, and that they facilitate a smooth rental experience. 
  • Have 5+ available vehicles. Owners must have several vehicles listed and available on the platform. This way, Renters know they can rely on quality rental vehicles time-and-again. 
  • Complete 10+ rentals. Premium Owners must have more experience with our commercial truck sharing platform, and have a proven good record over several rentals.

Benefits of Becoming a Premium Owner

Once you’re a Premium Owner, you have several perks that help you stand out. We reserve these additional benefits for our Premium Owners:

  • Increased Visibility. A special badge will appear next to your listings, so Renters can easily find and reserve your vehicles. And, your vehicles will appear more often towards the top of vehicle results when Renters are searching and trying to find a rental vehicle.
  • More Bookings. Your company will be amongst the first we call when Renters reach out to our team for help finding a vehicle.  
  • A Dedicated Account Manager. You can get expert advice and assistance specific to your account to make the most out of your fleet.

Our Commitment to Our Owners

The release of this program means both Owners and Renters across the platform have improvements to look forward to.

If you’re looking to rent, you will start to see the special badge for Premium Owners that present additional great choices on the platform. Premium Owners that have a proven record of high-ratings, which usually means that they provide an overall smooth rental experience. 

If you have vehicles that are listed on COOP, the Premium Owner program gives you a pathway to more Renters finding your available vehicles, more bookings, and more revenue for your business. 

We hope you enjoy this latest offering as we strive to improve the COOP platform every day. If you have questions, talk to our expert team members. Our passionate team will give you more details about the benefits of this program or what next steps you can take to qualify. 

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