November 22, 2021
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Announcing Premium Renters

We always strive to improve the user experience of businesses that are sharing commercial vehicles each day on the platform. To celebrate our top-rated and most experienced Renters, we are thrilled to announce the launch of COOP by Ryder® Premium Renters. 

Premium Renters will have many more ways to have their reservation requests noticed, and increase their chances of getting them approved!

Truck Sharing as a Premium Renter

Highlighting our top Renters on the platform will further help businesses share commercial trucks, tractors, and trailers with ease. How can your business become a Premium Renter? We consider over fifteen different factors, including: 

  • Reserve commercial vehicles! Premium Renters must have more experience with our commercial truck sharing platform than the average renter. The more successful rental days your business accumulates, the better fit they are. 
  • Receive high ratings on completed rentals.  Owners that have transacted with these Renters have had positive experiences and rated them highly consistently. This shows that these Premium Renters have a proven record of giving Owners a smooth rental experience. 

Once you’re a Premium Renter, you have several perks that help you stand out. We reserve these additional benefits for our Premium Renters:

  • Increased Visibility. A special badge will appear next to your company when you go to reserve vehicles, so Owners can easily recognize your excellence. And, your reservations will appear more often towards the top of vehicle reservations when Owners are choosing which reservation to approve. When they first log in, Owners will receive a notification to let them know that Premium Renters are top performing accounts.
  • May Become Eligible for ACH Payment. Only Premium Renters can pay by ACH, you will be contacted if your business meets all the qualifications. 
  • A Dedicated Account Manager. You can get expert advice and assistance specific to your account. Your dedicated account manager can help you with large reservation orders of commercial vehicles in the specs your business needs.

Our Commitment to Our Customers

The release of this program means both Owners and Renters across the platform have improvements to look forward to.

If you’re looking to rent, the Premium Renter program gives you a pathway to make it more likely for Owners to approve your reservations, more bookings, and easier payments for your business. 

If you have vehicles that are listed on COOP, you will start to see the special badge for Premium Renters that present additional great choices on the platform. Premium Renters that have a proven record of high-ratings, which usually means that they provide an overall smooth rental experience for your fleet. 

We hope you enjoy this latest offering as we strive to improve the COOP platform every day. If you have questions, talk to our expert team members. Our passionate team will give you more details about the benefits of this program.

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