April 2022 New App Features

April 2022 New App Features

We are thrilled to announce some of the newest features of the COOP by Ryder platform. User-to-user chat and credit card preference options will give your business even more control of your reservations. Our team of experts is dedicated to enhancing our technology to better serve your business.

User-to-User chat

We know that in logistics, communication is key. Owners can provide quality customer service to their Renters so that they rate the reservation highly, and potentially come back to rent with them again. Meanwhile, Renters can message reservation vehicles’ Owners directly whenever necessary. 

Your business can use user-to-user chat via desktop or mobile, so that day-to-day communications go smoothly wherever you are. Access your reservations to see all the reservation details you should need. Now, when one reservation needs a personal touch, you can just directly message the other user. 

How to start chatting:

  • Begin a new chat with your Renters or Owners at the reservation level. 
  • Access your messages at any time from within your reservation or at the top of the page

Some examples of good messages include: “where are the keys to the glovebox?”, or “Sorry to deny your extension request, we need to bring the vehicle in for preventative maintenance,“ or “I would be happy to rent the vehicle to you again, please request a reservation anytime!”

Credit card preferences

Keep your Rental billing payments seamless. Now you can add a credit card and select which card you would like to make your primary and which your backup. If for some reason your first card does not work, a backup credit card will be charged. So you can make sure that your reservation request gets approved without any delay. And if you need to change which card is your primary, you can make these changes with just a few clicks at any time.

How to add a backup credit card: 

  • Go to Manage Payments in your Account Management
  • Add a backup credit card that you would like to use through our Stripe payment system
  • Once your card is verified, you can switch between which card is your primary or your backup credit card at any time

Make sure you update to the latest version of the app. in the App Store and in Google Play. Check out these new features today!

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