Checklists for Your Next COOP Rental

Checklists for Your Next COOP Rental

It’s always nice to have a reminder so nothing gets left behind along the way while using the COOP platform. After all, this isn’t your traditional truck rental company. To make sure everything runs smoothly for your rental, let’s run through these straightforward checklists for your vehicle rental’s pick-up and drop-off.

Download or Print the Pick-up Checklist
Download or Print the Drop-off Checklist

Be sure to bookmark this page or print these checklists using the links above, for your future rentals.

Our long-time Renters get used to following these simple steps naturally. And soon enough, renting with COOP without the paperwork, the hassle, or the long delays of rental counter lines will prove itself to be the best way to rent for your business.

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