Featured Business: Britt’s Home Furnishings

Featured Business: Britt’s Home Furnishings

Founded in 1972, Britt’s Home Furnishings is a family-owned and operated business that has grown from humble beginnings to three major locations. They provide top quality flooring, appliance, and furnishing products while taking care of the customer. A proven approach that brought them customers with new needs. As the business found itself with a commercial vehicle fleet to support its high-season demand, they found a perfect fit for their downtime by joining COOP by Ryder.

“So our fleet really in these past 2 years has doubled…Having the ability to do something else with those trucks and rent them out is a great thing because it allows us to continue to use those trucks when we need them. And you know, get the money back on them when we don’t need them,” said Matt Britt, Vice President of Britt’s Home Furnishings.

It was straightforward for the business to join COOP and start sharing their vehicles. In addition to the control they have over the availability of their fleet on the platform, they know the trucks they choose to list will be in good hands.

“You don’t have to be a computer geek to know how to do it. It’s very, very easy and simple,” said Roger Boyd, Operations Manager of Britts Home Furnishings.

Britt’s Home Furnishings leveraged the truck-sharing platform to apply their growing commercial vehicle fleet year long, generating revenue when the trucks would otherwise be sitting in the lot.

Only a few years ago, Matt never would have thought he could make his lease payments by renting those same trucks on COOP. Listing their vehicles on the platform has made accounting as a truck owner easier than ever before for them.

Over time, Britts Home Furnishings expanded from its original residential customers to also fit the builder’s demand of the construction industry. Their Atlanta clientele build over a thousand homes a year, so to service these customers they had to make changes to their fleet.

“I would say if your company flexes like ours does, this is the perfect, perfect solution for that situation,” Roger said.

It was clear the smaller box trucks weren’t going to cut it. They chose to add larger 26-foot box trucks to their fleet that are “more capable of efficient long distance runs.” Roger applauded how he could list those vehicles on the platform as a way to generate revenue between big jobs with the builders.

Matt concludes, “With [COOP] coming on, at the time it did, it was a blessing for us. It was really something that made us feel at ease and we knew that we could continue to move forward.”

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