January 21, 2020
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Featured Business: Hypersonic Trucking

Hypersonic Trucking was founded on a vision to nourish people through food while offering a sense of comfort and abundance. In June of 2018 in Atlanta, the small business began hauling freight for produce companies. Steered by their business expertise they navigated their way into frozen foods and the transportation industry at large with the help of COOP by Ryder. Joining the platform allowed them to keep their trucks active and offered rentals that brought them to the next level each step along the way.

Archana Patel, Owner of Hypersonic Trucking, thinks most first-year vehicle owners would struggle to reach her level of success without COOP. “I don’t think I would be here at this point without that level of support.”

The first months brought the challenges of having a vehicle without a driver, and finding the commercial vehicles necessary to service their clients. Archana was able to save her business through the option to list her vehicles for rent while she was down a driver. Next up was the demand for a refrigerated trailer, without which they weren’t going to be able to take on an ice-cream load. She made contact with a COOP representative and got the trailer she needed to rent within a day.

“Because we got that load, and then a number of loads after that. We now have a dedicated priority with that broker for ice cream loads all of next year,” she said.

With these convenient transactions, Hypersonic Trucking was able to move forward and lease their own refrigerated trailer. When it’s not on the road and sitting in the lot, her trailer easily gets listed on the user-friendly platform.

Hypersonic Trucking has kept close contact with the responsive team at COOP. Day-by-day, the team helped solve the problems of a small business in the transportation industry.

“I’ve always found that people make all the difference… they’re responding to me right away, they’re educating me, they’re taking the time, and they’re happy to do it. That speaks volumes,” said Archana.

It’s an example worth following. Reduce downtime on vehicles you own, and rent what you don’t own when you need it. Join COOP in just a few steps to start sharing with ease and peace of mind.

“The equipment is taken care of, roadside assistance is there and paperwork is taken care of. It’s a no brainer,” said Archana.

Helping Hypersonic Trucking grow as a small business has been a great experience for us at COOP. It’s with great pleasure that we feature Archana’s success on the platform, cheers to another year ‘staying cool’ on the road.

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