Featured Business: McChain Distribution Systems

Featured Business: McChain Distribution Systems

“I would do it because if you have unused equipment it’s better off to have it rented…it’s worked out to be a really good program for us,” says Bob McChain of McChain Distribution Systems Inc. of his company’s experience sharing vehicles with COOP.

McChain Distribution Systems. Inc. is a third-party logistics company in the Atlanta metro area and a loyal member of COOP. Instead of losing money, McChain chose to make their idle trucks work for them, increasing the company’s revenue by connecting with local businesses in need of commercial vehicles. Using COOP has generated over $13,000 in revenue for McChain since June 2018.

The company started by listing one trailer to test how well the platform would work for them – and were so pleased with the results they now have multiple vehicles listed in their COOP profile, and have earned a five-star rating from borrowers.

Join McChain Distribution Systems on COOP to start earning extra revenue today.

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