Featured Business: Milestone Trailer Leasing

Featured Business: Milestone Trailer Leasing

In September of 2019, Milestone Trailer Leasing’s Vice President of Operations Sean Ellison found COOP by Ryder. The commercial vehicle-sharing platform brought Milestone the additional reach they aspired for. It connected the trailers that were sitting in their lot between leases or other rentals to a network of trusted businesses nearby that were looking to rent them.

“[COOP is] taking what is historically a lot of phone calls and email back and forth, and streamlining it into a very above par and simple approach,” said Sean.

The platform’s technology worked with their business in three major ways: an easier rental process, visibility on their trailers, and efficient billing. As Sean expands the Milestone fleet nationwide, he anticipates that Milestone will be using COOP to reach local businesses with transportation demands wherever they launch their own new markets.

If you’d like to read more about Milestone Trailer Leasing’s experience with COOP, you can get the full case study here.

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