Featured Business: Pyrotecnico

Featured Business: Pyrotecnico

Pyrotecnico™ is the nationally recognized leader in innovative full-service fireworks, special effects, and laser display production. Since 1889, they have been bringing people and communities together with unforgettable experiences. After consistently renting out a truck year after year for months at a time, they decided to lease a new 26’ box truck; however they did not anticipate, as no one could, the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the event industry. Ahead of the worst of the dips in live event shows, they learned about COOP by Ryder as an option to increase their fleet utilization year-round and found success with the platform.

“[COOP] is a great, flexible option to either find a vehicle or to find somebody that needs one and is willing to pay for you to use your vehicle when you don’t need it,” said Tim Kunkel, Pyrotecnico’s Director of Logistics.

With COOP, he was able to track and adjust his vehicle’s settings including when it was available for other businesses to rent and the daily rate Pyrotecnico earned. He always had full control of his fleet. In January 2020, Tim added Pyrotecnico’s newly leased 26’ box truck with a lift gate to take advantage of the slow season. The vehicle was rented for over two months almost immediately. In the first 15 days after joining the platform, the business covered an entire lease financing payment by renting the vehicle out with COOP.

If you’d like to read more about Pyrotecnico’s experience with COOP, you can get the full case study here.

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