March 23, 2019
1 min read

Featured Business: Sutherland’s Foodservice

“Joining COOP was a no brainer,” says Gene Sutherland, Jr. of Sutherland’s Foodservice, Inc. – a family owned and operated foodservice distributor dedicated to meeting the needs of restaurants, nursing facilities, and schools. Their location just off of Interstate 75 in Forest Park, Georgia enables Sutherland’s Foodservice, Inc. to service much of the southeast, but they still experience slow season, especially during school holidays.

That’s where we come in. Since signing up for COOP by Ryder, Sutherland’s Foodservice, Inc. has maintained a steady amount of income even during their slow season. The platform has been a resource for Sutherland to increase monthly revenue as well as develop new business partnerships.

“COOP has really helped us when our fleet is just sitting. When the trucks are just sitting it’s not helping us make any money at all. If those trucks are sitting and they’re available for somebody else to use and us to get paid for it, I think that’s pretty smart to use [COOP].”

Gene Sutherland, Jr. was expecting a difficult process, but he quickly realized sharing the company’s idle fleet on COOP was simple and straightforward.

“When I first started about thinking about using COOP I thought there was no way it could work out like this, but it has.”

Sutherland’s Foodservice, Inc.’s location and assortment of vehicles listed for rent plays a huge part in their success on COOP. Carefully vetted renters are constantly looking to find well- maintained trucks within a close proximity that fit a wide-range of needs, and Sutherland delivers.

Join Sutherland’s Foodservice, Inc. on COOP and be on your way to increasing your business’s revenue.

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