April 16, 2020
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Featured Businesses: Linen Xpress, Mt. Pisgah Pantry

COOP by Ryder helps bring local businesses together. A great example of harmony between businesses, which may never have happened without the platform, is the one between Linen Xpress and Mt. Pisgah Food Pantry.

Linen Xpress is a growing company, founded 9 years ago to bring quality linen delivery to businesses from Miami to Orlando. Their idle vehicle was reserved on the platform by Mt. Pisgah Food Pantry, which feeds over 600 families each month in service to their community. It worked out wonderfully as the Mt. Pisgah Food Pantry needed a truck with the same specs as the one being underutilized by Linen Xpress. Since their initial connection, the two businesses have transacted nearly every week for four months!

The Perfect-Fit Solution

The rental trucks that Mt. Pisgah Food Pantry found in the market were not cutting it for their business. Jondra Grier, Manager of the pantry, was looking for a very specific vehicle – a 26’ truck with a liftgate and etracks. She needed these exact specs to get dozens of large pallets loaded and over to the pantry in just one trip. Then, she found Linen Xpress’s truck on COOP.

“The fact that the truck has a lift, is a little bit wider, and a lot taller allows us to put on 12 to 13 pallets of food on there that we’re giving away each week,” she said.

She is grateful to have accessed this vehicle that helped her bring food to more families in need. She has been particularly happy to have a lift gate that has greatly eased the unloading process for her team.

Nelson Alvarez, owner of Linen Xpress, had outgrown his straight truck and now uses a larger vehicle to accommodate the expansion of his business up the Florida coast. The transactions on COOP generate additional revenue that his business was missing out on before utilizing his idle vehicle.

Jondra often books the vehicle for a few days each month in advance so that she can have access to the vehicle when she needs it. Using the platform has given her ‘access to a truck with all the right specs without the large investment in a lease, this caused the largest expansion of the pantry we’ve ever had.’

“Thanks to Jondra, [I offset] my payment for my lease. I’m very happy with that,” said Nelson.

Renting With Peace of Mind

Jondra often books in advance so that she can have access to the vehicle when she needs it. Using the platform has given her ‘access to a truck with all the right specs without the large investment in a lease, this caused the largest expansion of the pantry we’ve ever had.’

The relationship between the businesses is a great example of how COOP can bring businesses together to help each other meet their transportation needs. And, it’s happening on the platform every day. For Jondra, the platform has made the truck rental experience easy for her business: “The ease of being able to check in and out, the availability of the vehicles, and the price point is a very good place to be,” she said.

As for Nelson, he has found ease with the platform because he can set his availability ahead of time. He enjoys the flexibility to use his truck when he needs it and list it when he doesn’t. And most importantly to his business, it helps to cover his vehicle costs. He noted, “For a long time I’ve listed my truck with COOP…they pay me on time and help me with my lease.”

When you list your vehicle with the platform we find renters that want the vehicles you have idle. If you’re lucky, you may even find a perfect fit for your current needs with a business in your community. Put your vehicles in good hands today with carefully vetted users, insurance coverage, and replacement vehicle coverage.

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