Fuel Prices: A Top Concern for Transportation

Fuel Prices: A Top Concern for Transportation

Drivers everywhere were hurting at the pump in 2022, especially when the price of fuel hit a record high of more than $5 per gallon. With the national fuel average still up, many companies wonder when they can expect relief.

With fuel prices driving up the costs of shipping expenses and affecting transportation and trucking services, fleet flexibility is essential for offsetting costs. Download our “When Will Fuel Prices Drop?” white page to read more about price forecasts and how they could impact your business.

Fuel Affects Everything

It’s no secret that when it comes to the price of fuel, supply and demand issues are a significant factor. The production shortages combined with countries around the world consuming and buying more fuel causes a ripple effect felt throughout many industries. When fuel is expensive, up goes the cost of other goods. Consumers and businesses are faced with deciding where to cut to save money at the pump.  

What will happen with gas prices over the upcoming year remains to be seen. But the following stat regarding American spending on fuel means that either prices will finally go down if capacity opens up or demand for fuel lowers.

Read our white page for more stats and information.

Navigating Changes in Fuel Prices

With so many global factors affecting fuel prices daily, taking control of transportation operations is vital to improving your bottom line. Whether you need to save on costs or a new income stream, the COOP platform is a great tool that provides ultimate flexibility for your fleet needs.

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Download our “When Will Fuel Prices Drop?” white page now to get more insights!

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