May 8, 2024
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How To Generate Revenue from Idle Commercial Trailers

Does your company have idles trailers collecting dust instead of dollars? It's time to transform these inactive assets into steady revenue streams using smart, strategic approaches. With savvy planning and the right tools, fleet owners can use those idle trailers in a way that boosts the bottom line, even during slow seasons.

Tap Into Semi Trailer Sharing Platforms

One of the most innovative ways to bring in revenue from idle trailers is through renting out trailers and trucks on fleet optimization and rental solutions platforms. These platforms, such as industry respected COOP by Ryder, have revolutionized the commercial fleet rental space by creating a marketplace where companies can thrive with a new creative opportunity to rent out vehicles to other trusted businesses.

Easiest Way to Rent Out Commercial Vehicles

COOP stands out as the simplest solution for listing and renting commercial vehicles and trailers. It provides user-friendly access to listing a wide range of trailers, including dry van, reefer, storage, flatbed, or chassis trailers, making it seamless for businesses and fleet owners to earn from their idle equipment.

Flexibility, Control, and Options

Platforms that allow companies to manage vehicle listings conveniently enable companies to quickly adjust availability and rental rates according to demand fluctuations, ensuring optimal utilization and revenue generation. One advantage of the COOP fleet optimization platform is the innovative pricing tool COOP Smart Rate, which sets recommended daily rates automatically. Moreover, offering long-term discounts attracts Renters for extended periods to maximize income streams. 

Having a level of control over rental terms and pricing ensures that companies can adapt swiftly to market conditions while maintaining profitability. Ultimately, the combination of flexibility, control, and options translates into a highly efficient and customizable solution perfectly tailored to the diverse needs of businesses across various industries.

Utilize What You Have

Imagine turning zero-profit days into profitable ones without a single additional purchase. By listing your trailers, you not only increase your profits but also offset various operational costs. You can smoothly transition from missed opportunities to generate revenue.

Peace of Mind

Safety and trust are key when renting out your business's commercial trailers and vehicles. If you're choosing a trailer sharing or rental solutions platform, look for ones that vet the businesses that rent with them and provide ways to share your vehicles with confidence. For example, COOP requires all businesses to undergo a vetting process to meet their required safety and operating standards. Moreover, every rental transaction requires insurance, providing additional protection for both Renters and Owners. It's also worth looking into additional coverages to safeguard rental earnings in case of an unforeseen circumstance. 

Strategies to Increase Profit from Idle Trailers

Here are some benefits businesses and Fleet Owners can gain from renting out commercial vehicles:

  1. Generate New Revenue Streams: Don't let your fleet sit unused. Instead, list them on COOP by Ryder and connect with local and national businesses needing temporary transportation solutions.
  2. Offset Transportation Costs: Leverage earned income to cover recurring expenses such as vehicle leases or permits. Your idle asset suddenly becomes an investment towards sustainability.
  3. Avoid Expensive Storage and Parking Fees: Free up capital by cutting down on storage and parking costs. Saving money is critical for financial success, as every dollar saved contributes to your bottom line.
  4. Optimize Vehicle Utilization: Elevate the efficiency of your fleet by renting out surplus trailers, effectively reducing operational costs by ensuring each vehicle contributes to your revenue.
  5. Capitalize on Seasonal Downtime: Seasonal lows need not be a loss when they can be turned into profit by renting out trailers to others who need them.

Success in Action

There are many opportunities for those who’ve adopted COOP by Ryder's platform. Sneed Leasing increased fleet utilization from 78% to 98% and increased revenue by listing its idle dry vans. Another success story saw a major food distributor list de-fleeted reefer trailers to earn over $85K in just a few months after joining the platform.

Estimate Your Earnings to Discover Potential Profits

An important aspect to figuring out how those extra dollars could impact your bottom line requires doing a little homework. Explore how companies set up the details of their payouts and make sure they have a large renter network you can benefit from. 

If you want to see how much your trailers could be earning on COOP, you can get an instant estimate of potential earnings from listing idle trailers using COOP’s Revenue Calculator. It’s easy! Just enter how many of each type of trailer you have and instantly see how much revenue you could generate monthly or yearly for rentals. This can eliminate guesswork, providing a reliable forecast that aids in your decision-making. It showcases COOP’s commitment to supporting businesses and fleet owners in unlocking the economic potential of your idle assets.

COOP Rental Calculator

Unlocking Potential with COOP by Ryder

For those who have not realized the potential for generating revenue from idle semi trailers and assets, COOP is the key. Backed by Ryder’s team of experts and years of extensive knowledge in the industry, we’re empowering companies to maximize their fleet operations. We go beyond simple trailer rental—it's a partnership that aligns with professional goals, offering a confident and tech-driven solution.

Whether dry vans, reefers, or flatbeds, your commercial vehicles possess untapped earning power. It's time to increase profit and seize the supply chain opportunities. List and rent with ease, and join the ranks of fleet owners who use their assets towards more earnings and less downtime.

Use COOP by Ryder to take advantage of your commercial trailers and vehicles. Watch this demo to give your business a competitive edge and discover one platform for effective transportation solutions.

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How To Generate Revenue from Idle Commercial Trailers

Does your company have idles trailers collecting dust instead of dollars? It's time to transform these inactive assets into steady revenue streams using smart, strategic approaches. With savvy planning and the right tools, fleet owners can use those idle trailers in a way that boosts the bottom line, even during slow seasons.

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