How does COOP work?

How does COOP work?

Whether you are looking to rent commercial vehicles or have a fleet sitting idle, COOP by Ryder is the solution. We will answer a few questions to help you understand the concept.

What is COOP?

COOP by Ryder is a vehicle-sharing platform that connects businesses who have idle trucks, tractors, and trailers with other trusted companies that need to rent commercial vehicles. With COOP, businesses can find the vehicles they need when they need them and can generate revenue by renting out their vehicles when they are idle.

How does COOP work?

COOP is the leading platform for sharing commercial vehicles. Owners and Renters join COOP for free, then they can list or rent vehicles. Businesses can even do both! 

Once you’re on board and ready to rent, you can find thousands of commercial vehicles available to reserve COOP’s platform. These include cargo vans, trucks, tractors, and trailers for business use. It’s really simple:

  • Find the perfect fit vehicle for your business’s needs. Vehicles can be searched and booked directly from your mobile device or desktop computer.
  • Request to reserve the vehicle and wait for the owner to accept.
  • Once an Owner has accepted your reservation, you will be charged a prepaid mileage fee and a security deposit. COOP accepts all major credit cards for deposits, prepaid mileage fees, and vehicle rental payment.
  • Assign a driver to the reservation. The first driver you add to your account will be assigned as the Default Driver and automatically get assigned to all reservations if you have not selected another driver. 
  • For pickup and drop-off, the assigned driver will receive a text that will include step-by-step instructions. Follow the link provided to upload photos of the vehicle to document its condition, mileage, fuel level, and refrigeration hours (when applicable).

If you’re looking to rent out your vehicles, it’s easy to list vehicles on the platform and start generating revenue. And, you can do it all from your computer or even your mobile phone. Once you add vehicles in your fleet to the platform, you can adjust the availability and price to fit your business’s needs. Follow these steps to list a vehicle:

  • From your Account Management, go to My Fleet
  • Select ‘Add a New Vehicle,’  this will take you to the form that informs our team about all your vehicle’s specs
  • Fill out all these fields, as we make sure each vehicle is up to the standards of the platform.
  • Once your vehicle has been added, add more details about availability, price, and preferred method of rental pick-up process on your Fleet Settings page.

COOP is available on or as a mobile app in the iOS and Android app stores. Our team is always available to help with anything else you may need.

What do I need to sign-up for COOP?
Getting started is easy! Register a new account to join the COOP platform for free. Renters will be asked to provide a Department of Transportation number (DOT). If you want to become an Owner, you will need to provide your business’s Certificate of Insurance (COI), a copy of your registration, and your Department of Transportation number (DOT#). Shortly after you complete this information, one of our team members will reach out to help complete creating your account.

How much revenue can I generate on COOP?
COOP offers great revenue opportunities for vehicle owners of up to $5,000 per month for each vehicle you list. This will vary depending on the vehicle, its availability, and the discounts you have selected. Calculate how much you could earn from your idle vehicle with our revenue calculator.

Why should I use COOP to rent trucks?
Welcome to our platform, this isn’t your traditional rental counter. With our guidance your first truck-sharing experience will be an easy one. Search our truck, tractor, and trailers to find the perfect fit for your business’s needs. Let’s explore why you can navigate your first rental with confidence:

  • Free to join -- There are no recurring monthly or yearly membership fees to use the platform.
  • Greater vehicle variety -- Unlike other truck rental companies, we allow Owners to list a variety of years, makes, and models. This means our Renters have a wide selection of commercial rental vehicles to choose from. There are a variety of available vehicles with features that aren’t typically seen outside of purchase or lease programs. 
  • Vetted users and vehicles -- All Owners on COOP are required to provide vehicles in good working condition. We are proud of the high satisfaction ratings our Renters report.
  • Competitive pricing -- COOP offers prices on a wide variety of equipment that are competitive with local rental counters. Discounts are available for rentals that are over 1 week and you can get even more savings with monthly rental discounts.
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance -- Each rental comes with access to Ryder’s 24/7 Roadside Assistance, your business can have peace of mind with our trusted network of authorized vendors always available to your drivers.

Who’s behind COOP?

A group of passionate and experienced people are working tirelessly to make COOP a product you will enjoy using. The company is also backed by Ryder System, a trusted leader in the transportation industry for the past 80 years.

If you have any additional questions, visit our Help Center.

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