February 6, 2023
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Industry Spotlight: Flowers & Gardening

Since the 17th century, flowers have been tied to Valentine’s Day traditions as a symbol of love, friendship, gratitude, and appreciation. And ever since then, the floriculture industry has blossomed into the multi-billion dollar entity it is today.

Floriculture includes the production of cut flowers, potted flowering plants, foliage plants, bedding and garden plants, cut cultivated greens, and floriculture materials. The industry encompasses various holidays and occasions throughout the year, but one of its biggest days, February 14, drives business into high gear early in the year. Plus, with spring approaching, people will look to give some attention and care to their gardens.

In transportation, that means an increase in vehicle demand will occur to ship tons of these beautiful flowers, bouquets, and plants. The COOP commercial vehicle sharing platform is the perfect tool to help businesses during their peak seasons by offering vehicles with just the right specifications in various locations.

Digging Into the Flower Industry

The floral industry consists of four components: growers, wholesalers, shippers, and retailers. In the U.S., California is the leading domestic floral producer, followed by Florida, but it only accounts for only a small percentage of the flowers sold here. The rest of the flowers primarily come from South America, Africa, and Europe. That being the case, Miami is the main entry point for flowers to begin their journey across the country.

Since the beginning of the year, businesses have done everything necessary to keep their product in the proper environment to maintain quality. The product is stored in refrigerated rooms before moving to refrigerated trailers or reefer trucks. According to COOP floriculture customers that rent refrigerated vehicles, flowers do best when cooled to 33-37 degrees Fahrenheit.

Millions of flowers are hitting the road, making their way to a store near you for the most popular floral holiday – yup, you guessed it... Cupid’s Day. And up next, Mother’s Day follows closely behind.

Product which was ordered about nine months to a year in advance gets cultivated, prepped, and packed up. Time is of the essence. And with all the planning that goes into securing supply, COOP has proven to be a valuable way for businesses that need the flexibility to manage their peak season with extra capacity or to earn extra income from idle vehicles during their slow season. Even for those looking for long-term solutions, our platform provides the opportunity to help secure extended rentals or boost revenue by getting vehicles rented out for longer periods with cross-country travel options if needed (especially for trailers).

5 Interesting Floriculture Fun Facts 

  1. Americans buy 37% of flowers on Valentine’s Day
  2. The market size of the Fresh Flower Industry in the U.S. is about $30 billion
  3. Roses account for 84% of purchased flowers on Valentine’s Day
  4. 20% of consumers buy houseplants as gifts for Mother’s Day
  5. There are more than 400,000 varieties of flowers in the world and about 500,000 operating refrigerated trucks in the U.S. (Find many with unique specs on COOP)

The Right Pedal for your Petals

Refrigerated trucks are essential to protecting plants and flowers in an environment that keeps them fresh. With thousands of vetted businesses across the nation listing many sizes and varieties of reefers on COOP, we’re sure to have just the one you need at a competitive rate.

Find Flexible Fleet Solutions with COOP

At COOP, we’re proud to work with companies across many different industries. And since the beginning, we’ve developed close relationships with those involved in floriculture. Our fleet optimization and rental solutions platform is a great tool that offers complete fleet flexibility.

We understand how vital it is for businesses to meet goals during their peak operation time. With our network, our technology, and our team’s expertise, your company has the tools to find success.

Whether you need to secure additional vehicles to deliver your product or want to generate extra revenue by renting out idle vehicles, apply for an account today to discover a modern and transparent way to rent trucks.

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