June 2022 Feature Release New Customer Support Center

June 2022 Feature Release New Customer Support Center

We truly value our customers, and we take great pride in implementing innovative and user-friendly ways to help your business succeed. As part of COOP’s growing commitment to you, we are happy to introduce our new Support Center feature for faster service and tracking of open tickets. 

Designed for Renters and Owners with an account, tickets can be created to reach our team directly regarding account information, claims, payments, billing, reservations, or a service or vehicle issue. Additionally, comments and emails made in the message section related to the ticket will be able to be tracked by you and our team.

We understand the need to receive up-to-date communications regarding tickets that get created for your rentals and your account. The new Support Center offers a clearer picture of the process and provides you with updates along the way so your business can have some peace of mind.

How to Create and Track Your Tickets 

Whether you would like to follow up about the status of a payment or need help with your vehicle’s condition upon its return, the Support Center makes it easy to contact our team by creating a ticket to address your concern. 

How you can create a new ticket:

  • Log in to your account via desktop or mobile and click your Profile icon for a dropdown menu where you can find the Support Center tab. You can also find a Support Center tab under a specific reservation by searching your Reservations page.
  • Choose the topic you need help with and click Submit Ticket.
  • Provide additional details and upload any related photos, invoices, receipts, or documents. Once you click Create Ticket, it will be sent off to our team.

You can also get increased visibility on the status of your ticket and see the next steps along the way.

How you can track the status of your ticket:

  • Go to the Support Center section in your account and click the Your Tickets tab.
  • Choose the ticket for which you want to see more details. You can use the dropdown to filter results or search by reservation number.
  • See the status and timeline of your ticket and upcoming actions. It is automatically updated as our team works on your request. 

We invite you to take a look around and get familiar with the new Support Center feature! Sign in to your account and check it out today.

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