December 22, 2023
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Looking Back at 2023

As we bid farewell to 2023, it's time to look back at some of the incredible milestones achieved to enhance our customers' experience and growing needs. This year has brought many notable changes as we expanded our fleet optimization and rental solutions offerings. We're extremely proud to continue working with thousands of businesses nationwide across a wide range of industries.

Let’s recap some of this year’s highlights:

  • Expanded our trailer rental solutions for trailer pools and storage
  • Launched over 17 platform enhancements
  • Updated the look of and bolstered the website with more information/resources
  • Our platform now hosts over 30,000 businesses
  • Rented enough trailers to fill about 409 football stadiums
  • Vehicles rented on COOP traveled over 18,000,000 miles (enough to travel the Earth 681 times)
  • Our longest trailer rental returned in 2023 - spending over two years on a reservation
  • The number of storage trailers rented could hold about 4,170,000 lbs. of goods
  • Refrigerated trailer hours added up to about 7,000 days of chilled cargo

2023 Platform Enhancements

With your feedback and our development team's expertise, remarkable platform enhancements were brought to life this year. New features and tools designed to streamline the rental processes, making it easier than ever for businesses to rent or list vehicles. With these enhancements, we can provide better service and create a more efficient and user-friendly platform. We're excited to continue improving and innovating in 2024 and beyond! 

 Here are some of the top features we released this year:

  • Request Multiple Vehicles – Rent commercial trailers and vehicles in bulk and unlock the possibilities for your fleet needs. For businesses looking for multiple rentals at once, you can easily request multiple vehicles to get them where and where you need them at the rate you're looking for.
  • Renter Dashboard – Designed to give Renters greater control and visibility over reservations, the Renter Dashboard lets businesses track rental activity, manage transactions, access billing statements, and more.
  • List Multiple Vehicles – Have a large fleet you’d like to rent out?  Instead of listing vehicles one by one, you can request to list several for rent at once using the Upload Multiple Vehicles option on the platform to make adding vehicles faster.

 Never miss a new feature! Keep checking out our blog in 2024 for all new platform enhancements headed your way.

Leveraging Our New Rental Solutions 

It is incredibly humbling to see thousands of businesses overcome challenges across many industries using COOP. When the platform was introduced, we could only hope to see the flexibility, control, and trust it has empowered companies like yours to optimize fleet needs by leveraging our rentals solutions.

These new solutions are helping maximize your business needs:

  • With trailer pool rentals you can save time, money, and increase operation. If your business needs multiple trailers to build into your drop and hook applications, we've got you covered. No matter the type of trailers you need to rent, we can help you source them wherever you need them. With COOP, you can optimize trailer utilization and keep your business moving - it's a win-win.
  • To overcome challenges with excess inventory or limited warehousing space, commercial storage trailer rentals are a dependable, flexible, and reliable solution for temporary storage needs. Our platform makes it easy to filter your search to find as many as you may need with the right features at the right price.

 Learn more about all of our fleet optimization and rental solutions here

Here’s to the Future

As we reflect on the success and progress we have made in 2023, we look forward to even more advances and innovations in 2024. COOP by Ryder’s fleet optimization and commercial vehicle rental solutions platform is helping thousands of businesses like yours efficiently fulfill transportation needs. We are excited to see what the future holds and are committed to helping our customers stay ahead of the curve.


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