September 21, 2020
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Perfect Time to Maintain Refrigerated Trucks & Trailers

Right after the hot summers and before the busy holiday season is the perfect time for you to maintain your reefer vehicles so that they run smoothly through the rest of the year. Evaluate what needs to be done to put them in top working condition before they’re out on the road again.

As the end of the year approaches, Renters who need to transport sensitive freight will be searching for refrigerated trucks and trailers on COOP. Owners with reefer units that work efficiently keep Renters coming back. Follow these simple tips below, and your vehicle will be ready to generate additional revenue for your business as the holidays come around.

Prevent Problems with Early Maintenance

A hands-off approach isn’t the way to go when it comes to reducing downtime. If you’ve racked up a lot of reefer hours, it may be worth doing some preventative maintenance ahead of any regular schedule you have.

Check the condition of your refrigerated trucks and trailers while they’re sitting in the lot. Preventing costly breakdowns, avoiding contaminated ice, and reducing energy bills are all ways that regular maintenance helps to extend the life of your refrigerated commercial vehicles. At some point, Owners like you have to get down to the task of making sure your units are ready to be rented.

If your unit is part of a box truck, there is one other step to take. During your reefer vehicle’s preventative maintenance check, in addition to the unit itself, make sure your mechanic inspects the alternator and engine starter. These aspects of the vehicle itself can affect the efficiency of the unit.

How to Clean the Refrigerated Unit

No one wants to rent dirty reefer trucks and trailers, especially ones which smell badly. Because they are intended to carry sensitive items like food and pharmaceuticals, contamination and unit breakdowns can cause big problems for Renters

Most basic maintenance practices for refrigerated units you can do on your own, or call a maintenance expert to do it for you. Our team wants to help you stay ahead so that your business can continue to earn cold chain logistics profits on COOP.

Regular cleaning habits reduce how big a task it is when the gloves and scrubs come out. Pressure cleaning with hot water from front to back of the reefer box is the best method. A nice upgrade is to purchase a 24’’ reefer sweeper trailer broom to comb the ducted floors. Before each rental, make sure that the following is clean:

  • Reefer box, clean remnants of prior loads
  • Ducted Floors, remove items that are wedged in them
  • Drain Holes, unclog each of the drains in front and back of the trailer
  • Condenser, clear the air vents of any debris

If you don’t have the resources or time to clean the trailer yourself, search for ‘trailer washout services’ in your area. Whether you choose to clean the unit yourself or get it serviced, it’s always a good decision to keep from losing out on potential revenue.

Your Next Reefer Truck or Trailer Rental

As your refrigerated vehicle is getting ready to go out on a COOP rental, keep the following in mind:

  • Clean the Vehicle, see our tips above
  • Test to 30 Degrees, cool the trailer to be sure it’s working
  • Prevent Overload, air flow within the reefer box is critical
  • Keep the Fuel Tank full, you’ll be reimbursed for any fuel used by the Renter
  • Follow Preventative Maintenance Schedule, even if your vehicle out on a long-term rental you can work with our team and your renter to make sure your routine preventative maintenance is completed on schedule

Rest easy knowing that all the work you put in today means more Renters will be attracted to your listing as it runs smoothly. When you get your refrigerated unit rented on COOP, you earn revenue for the days of the rental, the mileage, and the reefer hours too. Last year, we observed in our data-driven rental market guide insights that there is high refrigerated vehicle demand upincoming.

If you’re looking for other ways to optimize your listing, brush up on our Best Practices for Owners. In addition, our team is here to make it as easy as possible for you to get your vehicles rented on the platform. Reach out to them, at Contact Us (, if you need any assistance.

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