February 10, 2020
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Promote Your Fleet

With COOP, promoting your idle commercial vehicles to your business network is easy and brings renters right to your doorstep. By advertising your business’s vehicles, you will be able to get more exposure to maximize your own fleet’s utilization and generate more revenue. It’s also worth mentioning that transactions within your network are a great way to strengthen your business’ connections and reach in your own industry. Outreach large and small contributes to the expansion of your business.

Here you’ll discover all the ways to guide local renters to the web page with all your available vehicles. Consider promoting your fleet when you know the vehicles will be sitting in the lot. Help us help you get them out on the road instead!

Double-Check Your Listings & Profile

First things first, let’s make sure you’ve covered the best practices as an owner on the platform. Review your account to see that you have optimized your listings, built a profile that familiarizes renters with your business, and made the vehicles road-ready for when the reservations come in.

Find Your Fleet Page Link

Now, let’s find your fleet’s permanent web link so you can start advertising it.

  • Go to your COOP profile.
  • Select the Manage Fleet tab
  • Click the “Copy your fleet URL” button below “Advertise your fleet” to copy the url link that leads to your Fleet Page
  • Click the “Copy your fleet URL” button to copy the url link that leads to your fleet page
  • Use this link every time you want to invite your network to rent your vehicles.

Invite your Network

Next up, let’s explore how you can share your Fleet Page

Consider what methods you typically use to talk to people and use those channels. If you normally promote your business via email, start off right by emailing your Fleet Page to all your customers. If you often communicate via text message, suggest your Fleet Page there as a solution to fellow businesses’ commercial fleet needs. Reminders on social media are great for businesses of all kinds.

See some suggestions of how you could share your our Fleet Page on social media. Or, copy and paste what we’ve written and make it into your own. It’s that easy!

LinkedIn: Need a sleeper tractor? We have the semi-truck for you. Find it on COOP by Ryder, the truck sharing platform that allows local businesses to rent vehicles from each other. Reserve one of our sleeper tractors today at: https://coop.com/fleet/kttrucks #ShareWithCOOP

Twitter: Your business can reserve our 26-foot refrigerated trailer directly from KT Trucks on the truck-sharing platform, COOP by Ryder. Check out our Fleet Page here: https://coop.com/fleet/kttrucks @cooptruckshare

Facebook: KT Trucks is sharing its commercial fleet with COOP by Ryder. The truck sharing platform allows local businesses to rent vehicles from each other. Reserve one of our sleeper tractors, 26-foot trailers, or box trucks today at: https://coop.com/fleet/kttrucks @COOPTruckSharing

There’s plenty of ways you can tell your business’s network about the vehicles you have listed on COOP. The important aspects of any good post are:

  • Say what vehicle(s) you have available to rent
  • Let them know your business is on the platform
  • Tell them the basic idea of the innovative commercial-vehicle-sharing marketplace
  • Link them to your Fleet Page with the URL from your account.
  • Tag us! On Facebook tag @COOPTruckSharing, on Twitter tag @COOPTruckShare, on Instagram tag @COOPTruckSharing, and LinkedIn with the hashtag #ShareWithCOOP

Become a Featured Customer

Do you want to take your business’s advertising on COOP to the next level? Our team offers even more exposure to our top customers. We’ll visit your business to capture your business’s available services in video, photo, and interview. Then use the content to boost your promotion goals. If you want to share your vehicles with hundreds of COOP customers, let us know.


Sometimes, potential customers will message to ask you about COOP or your vehicles. Follow-up by connecting them to our responsive team and we’ll answer any of their questions for you.

If you get questions about the platform, copy and paste this link: https://www.coop.com/about in your response. We’ll reach out and help them join the platform. Once we set them up with an account, we can get you connected when it’s a right-fit.

Next Step

While you’re here, make the most of what you’ve made available on COOP with our tips. And be sure to check your fleet management page to make sure all your commercial vehicles info is accurate and up to date.

Our team is always here to help you generate revenue off your idle commercial vehicles. Please, Contact Us (coop.com) for any questions as we’re always happy to service your business. Thank you for taking an active role in your fleet optimization.

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