New Reimbursement Request Feature

New Reimbursement Request Feature

Occasionally, you may want to seek reimbursement for costs during a rental like tolls, fuel, and other expenses. So what can you do if you need a reimbursement for a specific charge? We are pleased to introduce the Reimbursement Request Feature to make this process easier.

If you would like to receive a reimbursement from a business you have transacted with; this tool allows you to send an Owner or Renter a direct message with your request.

You can request reimbursement for the following:

  • Fuel
  • Tolls
  • Minor Repairs
  • Citations
  • Vehicle Cleaning
  • Mileage or Hours
  • Rental Days
  • Late Fees

(Available options to select from will vary depending on if you are a Renter or an Owner of a transaction.)

How to Create a Reimbursement Request

  • To create a Reimbursement Request, log in to your account, go to the Help tab under your account icon, and click Support Center.
  • Once you see the Support Categories, click on the Reimbursement Request option.
  • Choose the type of reimbursement you seek, and upload any receipts or documentation supporting your request. 
  • After entering the date of the occurrence and the amount you are requesting, COOP’s user-to-user chat will open and show your request.

What to Know About Reimbursement Requests

A request for reimbursement can be made during or after a rental. It is up to the business receiving the request to approve or deny the Reimbursement Request. We recommend uploading any pictures, receipts, and documentation related to the request to help resolve the case.

In the event that a request is denied, you can choose to escalate the request if it was unfairly denied. Our Support Team will step in to review the case to determine a resolution. Please visit our Reimbursement Request Help Center Article for more information.

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