January 23, 2024
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Discover the Convenience and Versatility of Storage Trailers

Imagine the ease of having extra space exactly when and where you need it. That's what commercial storage trailers offer. On-demand room for your goods, without the hassle of permanent structures. They're a go-to solution for businesses needing quick, flexible storage.

You'll learn how to pick out just the right rental, from size to security features. Discover why dry van trailers could be your best bet for keeping items safe and sound. We will also touch on keeping these trailers in top shape and navigating costs without breaking the bank.

Our straightforward guide takes you through the benefits of renting a storage trailer. Let’s dive in!

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Understanding the Flexibility of Storage Trailers

You've got a surplus of inventory with no extra space to store it. What do you do? It's very likely that this is a scenario your business has run into. It can feel like you're on an episode of one of those reality TV shows where people don't know where else to fit things in their home. However, there's a solution that helps companies maximize their storage game. Storage trailers act like magic boxes, expanding your space precisely when and where you require it.

The beauty lies in their simplicity: these sturdy steel rectangles offer temporary housing for everything from excess stock to seasonal equipment. Think about it; they roll up to your door without a fuss—no construction crews or waiting around for months—and suddenly, that dilemma is solved. Whether on a storage lot or tucked behind your facility, these enclosed storage trailers keep things tidy.

Dry van trailer rentals stand out as MVPs because they shrug off bad weather like pros while keeping goods dry and secure. You get all the benefits of permanent structures but none of the commitment issues. The best thing about this type of relationship is that your company is in control of whether you want something short- or longer term. And another thing: renting one doesn't just solve space problems; it also lets businesses test new markets without diving headfirst into long-term leases or property purchases.

If you’re looking to rent storage trailers, COOP by Ryder offers various options, including negotiated rates for bulk rentals and delivery. Perfect for those peak seasons when business is booming and space runs low, providing an ideal stopgap until things settle down again.


Selecting the Right Storage Trailer Rental

Think of storage trailer rentals as your personal treasure chest. But before you start reserving them, here's a checklist to ensure you get exactly what your business needs.

Size and Use Matters: Match Your Load

Picking out  storage trailers isn't just about going big or going home. It's like finding Cinderella’s slipper— they have to be the right fit for your items. A dry van trailer rental for storage, with its enclosed structure, is perfect if you're looking at keeping construction equipment, non-perishable items, or retail goods like clothing  dry and secure. On the other hand, if you’re in the food and beverage industry, flowers, or pharmaceuticals, refrigerated trailers provide a practical (and cool) way to store your business’s temperature sensitive needs. 

Safety First: Lock-in Security Features

Look into getting heavy-duty locks that work with the storage trailers you need.  Some trailers may come with  built-in security systems, but it’s important to protect your goods. A little peace of mind can go a long way when stowing away those high-ticket items on a remote storage lot miles away or even near you at a warehouse, facility, or store front.

The Access Angle: Easy Does It

Ease of access can make or break your day-to-day operations while using temporary storage solutions. If stored stock is part of the plan, consider trailers with swing doors that offer full-width access—an absolute time-saver when loading or unloading pallets by forklifts.


The Advantages of Trailer Rentals for Storage

Think of trailer rentals for storage as a rolling warehouse for your business.  Enclosed storage trailers keep your goods safe and sound from the unpredictable weather elements. Weather-resistant? Check. Secure? Double-check.

Let's talk about flexibility because that’s where renting shines. Need to stash some surplus inventory during peak season or while relocating? A storage trailer rental can be parked right on your lot, giving you immediate access without the hassle of permanent structures.

Thinking about buying or leasing permanent warehouse space or building a new facility? For many, this may not always be a feasible option and it’s where storage trailers also come in handy. They provide a cost-effective alternative for businesses to store their inventory without the often time-consuming task of looking for and purchasing real estate. Additionally, as we’ve seen in recent years, fluctuating interest rates can make it difficult and expensive for companies to acquire real estate. Storage trailers provide a convenient solution that can be easily scaled up or down to match inventory needs. They're a great choice for businesses that require additional storage space for a short or long period of time.

Besides being an excellent temporary storage solution, with COOP, these mobile units can be delivered, repositioned, or transferred to wherever you need them, when you need them. And when you are done, you just release the trailer without any long-term commitments.


Maintenance and Upkeep of Semi Storage Trailers

Keeping semi-storage trailers in good condition requires regular maintenance and attention, but it pays off by avoiding bigger headaches. To protect your items while they're tucked away in temporary storage, you'll want to perform some maintenance every now and then, especially for long-term storage trailer rentals.

If your business has a fleet of commercial vehicles that can be used for storage, think about listing idle trailers to generate revenue from rentals. Companies that follow these maintenance tips get more out of their vehicles in terms of value, desirability, and longevity. 

Regular Cleaning Is Key

Regularly sweeping out the interior prevents debris buildup that could attract pests or damage goods. For an enclosed storage trailer rental that doubles as your mobile warehouse, cleanliness means fewer surprises later on.

And don't forget about the exterior. Washing the outside can help prevent rust and corrosion—enemy number one for any metal structure.

Seal It Tight: Weatherproofing Trailers

Most trailer rentals can  be used for storage—but only if their seals hold up and are not damaged. Even for over-the-road (OTR) use, when you rent commercial vehicles, you want vetted and well-maintained equipment to efficiently fulfill your needs. Inspect door seals and window gaskets periodically because even minor leaks can cause major mayhem inside over time. If you spot trouble, sealing compounds are your friend before moisture makes itself an enemy.

If dampness or condensation forms during temperature fluctuations within short-term storage periods, consider using desiccants—they absorb excess humidity so mildew doesn’t affect your goods.

Tire TLC: Don't Let Flats Flatten Your Plans

You might think tires only matter if you're hitting the highway with a fully loaded rig; however, even stationary trailers need some tire maintenance. Check pressure regularly because under-inflated tires lead to premature wear—and possibly sinking into soft ground on less-than-ideal surfaces found around in storage lots.

Routinely checking wheel lug nuts ensures they haven’t loosened over time—a vital step towards preventing mishaps should you decide to move locations or finally empty out that rent-a-storage trailer after months of use.


Navigating the Costs of Storage Trailer Rentals

So, you're looking to rent a storage trailer. But before you sign the agreement, let's talk about what this is going to cost your business. First, remember that size matters—bigger trailers mean bigger price tags.

Rental duration also plays a big part in pricing; long-term commitments usually give better rates than short term storage agreements. Other potential fees to consider include late returns and setup or delivery charges which may be worth it depending on the flexibility a rental partner offers..

To keep your business budget in line, also consider these tips:

  • Shop around for competitive prices but watch out for lowball offers that may skimp on service or quality.
  • Check interest rates if deciding to buy or lease, because financing options vary and they can affect your costs.
  • If possible, plan and book during off-peak seasons when demand is lower—you might just get a better deal.


Final Thoughts

No matter the industry you’re in, renting storage trailers near you that meet your needs takes careful planning for maximum efficiency and savings. When you need them, load up and take advantage of the flexibility and convenience these mobile units offer.

With COOP by Ryder getting that extra space to overcome warehousing challenges or house excess inventory is straightforward and simple.

Even if your business has other commercial vehicle needs besides storage, watch the COOP demo to see what the leading fleet optimization and rental solutions platform in the nation can do for you.

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