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Things to Know Before Listing with COOP

We’re glad to see you’re thinking about listing a vehicle with COOP by Ryder. Our customers often tell us the benefits of COOP are offsetting their vehicle payments and growing in each of their industries. Companies like Britt’s Home Furnishings have used it to help them expand their fleet, which gives their business more reach than ever. Since this platform for sharing commercial vehicles is unique to the market, we offer you this list of the considerations before becoming a COOP owner.

Keeping Your Truck in Good Hands

We get it, sometimes the sleeper tractor you’ve invested in and that has crossed the interstate for thousands of miles feels like it can only be yours to use. To this end, we’ve taken a great deal of precautions so that you can confidently list with COOP.

We carefully vet each renter by taking into account various factors including their DOT number, and safety record before they join the platform. To give our users peace of mind, we also invite our renters and owners to leave a rating after every rental. You’ll see a renter’s rating long before you hand over the keys. The option to turn down a reservation is yours to exercise, so you always have full control over who rents your vehicle.

For the unexpected, we’re here to help. Our $1 million liability policy, physical damage insurance, and 24/7 roadside assistance mean that your vehicle and your business are in good hands.

Making Time to Make Money

We pride ourselves on making it easy to share vehicles. When you invest a little bit of time it returns many benefits. Optimizing your listing, communicating with your renters, and being flexible with your availability and rates is all simple on the platform.

Taking the time to do it right makes for successful transactions. When renters get their loads to the destination on time and on budget with your vehicle because you are quick to respond to their request, they take notice. Each satisfied renter builds your reputation as a reliable source of vehicles for local businesses. We often see repeat relationships that help businesses in need of a vehicle and those, like you, who could be better utilizing their vehicles. On COOP, you may find a great beginning to better connect your business to its local network.

You could stay in touch with the most effective use of your time on the platform by viewing our best owner practices. Know that our Customer Success Managers always keep contact to make sure you’re getting the most out of your listings.

Location, Location, Location

COOP is a growing marketplace and is continuing to expand to new markets as more and more businesses want to take advantage of the platform. As we grow and improve the platform, we’ll connect our owners to more prospective renters in our current markets.

Cities immediately outside our major markets look to our platform for vehicles like yours. Owners who are engaged with improving their renter experience find success on the platform no matter where they are, but it is true that the most consistent demand comes from the big city centers. Read our market guides or speak to our Customer Success Managers to get a sense of the business demand trends in the major cities closest to you. You always have the choice of whether or not your vehicle can go out-of-state.

Fleet managers that manage vehicles over multiple locations have the opportunity to take advantage of multiple existing COOP markets, and launch with us into new ones. Bowman Trailers has enjoyed success on the platform by doing just that! We’ll always be here to coordinate with you and help get the maximum fleet utilization from your businesses’ vehicles.

Join at Ease

If you have any considerations not listed here, please contact our Customer Success team, and we’ll promptly address them. We can provide help every step along the way. And, you can always look to our blog for some additional information.

We hope you are now confident to put your vehicles in good hands with COOP. Join the platform in a few easy steps and start sharing vehicles.

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