Tips for your upcoming COOP rental

Tips for your upcoming COOP rental

Before you get on the road, here are a few things to keep in mind to get the most out of your reservation.

Communicate with the vehicle’s owner about your rental

Chat with the vehicle’s owner before before the start of your rental, to make sure you have the correct address and confirm times for pick-up and drop-off. And during your rental, reach out to them if anything happens to their vehicle. Good communication with the owner is always a good way to get a high rating at the end of each transaction.

Complete the pick-up flow

On the day of your scheduled vehicle pick-up, you will receive and email and a text message with instructions on how to pick-up your vehicle. This includes a link to our “pick-up flow”, an easy step-by-step process to take pictures of the vehicle and record the odometer reading before you hit the road.

Do a pre-trip inspection

It is required to complete a vehicle inspection before you start driving a commercial vehicle. Make sure you complete the inspection before you take off.

Take care of the vehicle like it’s your own

Ensure the vehicle stays clean and refrain from smoking in the truck. Respect any owner’s guidelines, and make sure to refill the gas to its original levels – just as it was given to you.

If you need assistance

If you experience an emergency situation, please call 911. If you have a mechanical breakdown, flat tire or other issues with your vehicle, please contact our 24/7 Roadside Assistance service at 1-877-747-5352 and choose option 1.

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