January 12, 2022
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Top Fleet Trends for Businesses in 2022

Regardless of what use your business has for commercial vehicles in 2022, we can give your business the context to succeed. Last year we saw unprecedented changes in the transportation industry. Fleet logistics has become more home-delivery-focused and pressures on the supply chain and manufacturing have driven an increased need for certain vehicle makes. Businesses with commercial vehicle fleets of all sizes can benefit from creating a 2022 plan. 

Reducing vehicle downtime, recording and mitigating risks, analyzing fleet metrics, and establishing a detailed plan of action are all part of fleet manager’s 2022 to-dos. Ultimately, it comes down to successfully maximizing the utilization of the fleet. Here’s what to keep in mind for 2022: 

Continued Demand for Final-Mile Logistics

The past couple years have created a strong final-mile commercial vehicle demand. With many people working from home, consumer packaged products that are home delivered have become very popular. This presents fleet managers with an opportunity to keep vehicles like cargo vans and box trucks that can easily maneuver local and city-streets on the road. To scale, companies like Amazon have proven that proximity to point-of-sale is important with their distribution centers opening across the country. Whether within your businesses’ industry or without, demand for final-mile vehicles in 2022 should only increase to deliver goods to the end consumer.

Business Opportunities with Commercial Trailers

Increasing consumer demand for goods delivered at home has brought supply chain challenges that can be solved with commercial trailers. Trailers meet a growing need to deliver imports over-the-road to distribution centers. North America’s commercial trailer market has the second-highest growth rate in the world. In recent years, industry sectors such as ecommerce, food & beverage, and construction require trailers to get their freight over the road. There is a wide range of uses for commercial trailers, particularly dry van trailers, and they are very low maintenance. Trailers’ flexibility and versatility make these units a good investment if they can be found at a reasonable price. 

Manufacturing shortages do present a challenge in commercial trailer acquisition, so monitor the market if this is in your business’ plan. Long-term commercial trailer rentals may need to be secured until manufacturing catches up. 

How the Manufacturing Shortage Affects 2022 Fleets

The manufacturing shortage of commercial vehicles is largely a result of COVID-19 disruption in the supply chain. Originally it was driven by a lack of microchips. Though they are small, the lack of them has had a mighty effect. Suppliers like Great Dane, Wabash, and Utility have large production backlogs. If you’re considering growing your fleet in 2022, take into account the tight market for newer models. It may be worth considering used vehicle purchase rather than competing with the shortage.

Be Prepared for the Truck Driver Shortage in 2022

Though this trend has been going for several decades, the driver shortage in 2022 is still worth high consideration. Traditionally, solving the driver shortage for a business means paying drivers more to stay competitive. Pay raises can be as high as 11% year-over-year, so driver retention in 2022 can be difficult. There are other creative solutions, for example, like fostering the next generation of an aging truck driver employee pool through CDL training. Over 25% of truck drivers will be 65 or older in the next 10 years. Even still, some DMV driver schools have shuttered their doors due to the effect of the pandemic. If retention and hiring of drivers is expected to slow your business it may be time to consider taking further steps to be flexible.

Next Steps

As you launch into 2022, there are many factors you will need to consider to meet your business’s goals. Fortunately, COOP can be a technology partner that can help optimize your fleet. Any times where you anticipate your business will not need its fleet in-use can be an opportune time to list those vehicles as available on COOP. Your vehicles could earn up to $5,000 per month when listed on COOP. See our Rental Calculator to make an estimate based on your fleet. Furthermore, your business can use COOP as your solution to finding additional capacity when you need it. COOP has hundreds of available trucks, tractors, and trailers for rent and you can choose the vehicle with the specs you need at the rate you want.

Every business is unique, and we are here to discuss a 2022 plan that is personalized to your business’ needs. If your business expects to experience downtime in 2022, or if it may need some extra capacity along the way, talk to our team to learn more about how COOP can help.

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Commercial Vehicle Rental Market Guide: Third Quarter 2023

From growth in the food industry’s demand for freight, interest rates remaining high for the time being, fluctuating truckload rates, and other trends, the summer sees activity heat up, and it’s essential to be aware of these key topics. 

 This blog covers various commercial vehicle rental developments and historical stats you need to know, including whether we can expect an uptick in demand in Q3. To manage your fleet needs effectively, tools like the COOP by Ryder platform help businesses gain the flexibility to optimize fleet use. Read our complete guide for more data and insights to help your business make informed decisions about the transportation market in the third quarter and beyond.

At a Glance: Q3 Trends & Insights

  • Slowdown in Grocery Inflation –  Grocery inflation is slowing down this summer, meaning lower costs when filling up your cart. This is good news for the transportation industry. Filling grocery loads in the coming months will be vital. Expect to see a skyrocketing demand for refrigerated vehicles.
  • The State of Interest Rates – Interest rates are expected to remain steady in early summer, but keep an eye out for increases as the year goes on. If interest rates climb again, there will be inflationary pressures which may increase fuel, maintenance, and labor costs for vehicles.
  • Reduced Truckload Volumes – In May, several carriers reported a decrease of about 11% in truckload volumes. While experts predict it may not go up as high as last year’s level, the demand across the food, leisure, and entertainment industry is accelerating.

Download our complete guide to read more about these topics and for additional market insights.

Historical Industry Rental Trends for Q3

Based on historical rental trends over the last few years, we expect the Food & Beverage to see very strong activity. Additionally, moving companies have plenty of activity with local and cross-country moves until summer’s end.

As the holiday rush of Q4 approaches, keep in mind that many businesses will look to secure additional fleet capacity to move inventory toward the end of this season. 

Popular Vehicle Types in Q3

  • Refrigerated Trailers
  • Dry Van Trailers
  • Tandem Sleeper Tractors

Solutions to Optimize Fleet Utilization

  • Drop and Hook Freight
  • Telematics 
  • Trailer Repositioning

Take a deeper dive into these solutions and how they could help your business. Get the Q3 Rental Guide.

How COOP Can Help with Rentals

Having the right amount of vehicles for your business can take time and effort during the summer months. COOP helps Renters source equipment by finding available commercial vehicles from other trusted companies on the platform.

  • Our Smart Rate tool allows businesses to offer competitive rates.
  • Find and reserve vehicles with a wide variety of unique specifications usually not available at rental counters.
  • More options and flexibility to access vehicles nationwide.

How COOP Helps Your Business Earn Revenue

Whether you have a large or small fleet, listing idle vehicles on the COOP platform can improve utilization, cover transportation costs, and increase your bottom line in Q3.

  • Reduce vehicle downtime and optimize fleet use.
  • Rent out vehicles for extended periods by offering long-term discounts.
  • Profit from last-minute rental requests by keeping your fleet flexible and availability up-to-date.

Join the Leading Commercial Vehicle Sharing Platform

Start your journey and sign up for COOP. With the assistance of our team of professionals and cutting-edge technology, you'll have access to an innovative platform with tools that businesses across the country are using to create extra revenue or increase their fleet capacity.

To learn more about the market conditions this summer and gain additional knowledge and statistics, get the comprehensive Q3 2023 Commercial Vehicle Rental Market Guide today!

New Feature: Renter Dashboard

Managing commercial vehicle rentals efficiently is vital for businesses. That's why we've developed a user-friendly dashboard to get rental information quickly and help streamline your experience. Whether you're a frequent Renter or just getting started, our Renter Dashboard is designed to give you greater control and visibility over your rental activity on COOP.

What Can You Do on the Renter Dashboard?

  • Easily Track Rental Activity: Gain insights into your rental history at a glance. Including the number of active, upcoming, and pending reservations.
  • Take Quick Action for Reservations: Manage transactions that require the completion of the pick up and drop off process or are pending payment.

  • Access Billing Statements: Access and download your billing statements for accurate record-keeping and expense tracking.

How to Download Billing Statements

If you’ve had rental transactions on the COOP platform, you can see and download  your statements with just a few clicks. Here’s how:

1. Click the Get Statements button from your Renter Dashboard.

2. Your renter statement overview will open displaying your summary of charges.

3. Filter the statement(s) you need by reservation or date range.

4. To download the page as a PDF, right click anywhere in the top portion of the page. To download the page as a csv file, right click the reservation and select “Export”.

Empower Your Business with COOP

At COOP, we're dedicated to helping businesses succeed by streamlining logistics and transportation needs with our technology-driven commercial vehicle rental and solutions platform. This new Renter Dashboard feature is another valuable tool to helps Renters on their journey to success. Stay tuned for more features coming soon!

Ready to get started? Apply for an account today!

Have an account? Check out your Renter Dashboard.

New Feature: Request to Rent Multiple Vehicles

Looking to rent commercial vehicles in bulk and unlock the possibilities for your fleet needs? We're thrilled to bring you a new, significant feature designed for businesses that are looking for multiple rentals at once. You can now request multiple vehicles on the platform when searching for them.

How It Works

To use this new feature and request to rent multiple vehicles of a certain type, click here. With a few clicks and a little bit of info, you're on your way to getting the vehicles you need. You’ll be able to customize your requests based on vehicle type, price point, specifications, rental periods, and more, all in one go. Once you submit a request, our team will connect with you to set up the reservations.

Watch this video clip to see how it works:

Your Fleet Optimization Solution

Finding extra capacity and optimizing fleet use shouldn't be a middle-of-the-road experience, and with COOP, it's anything but. We understand that seasonal demands, special events, excess inventory, and many more impact the need for finding several vehicles right where you need to pick up and haul your loads. 

Continuing Excellence with COOP

At COOP, we take pride in providing reliable service and innovative solutions for your commercial vehicle rental needs. The introduction of the Multi-Vehicle Request feature is just one more way we're committed to elevating your experience with us. Start renting today and discover how to enhance your approach to bulk rentals and empower your business for success. Stay tuned as we share more new features in the coming weeks and months!

Moving Season

The busy moving season is here! Many individuals, families, and businesses choose this time to relocate due to favorable weather conditions, school breaks, and the availability of free time. Whether your company is in the moving industry or not, this time of year presents a significant opportunity to expand your customer base, maximize fleet utilization, and find ways to generate higher revenue. 

On the COOP by Ryder commercial vehicle sharing platform, companies can build relationships by connecting with a community that provides access to rent or list vehicles all at their fingertips. In this blog, we’ll cover some trending stats, tips for planning, and more. For an in-depth look at some moving industry insights and tools to effectively manage fleet demand, read our complete guide.

3 Interesting Facts About the Moving Industry

Here are a few stats that show the direct connection between transportation and the moving industry.*

Read our guide for more facts about the moving industry.

The Importance of Careful Planning 

Preparation is key to ensuring a successful peak season. Even if your business is not in the moving industry but has commercial vehicles sitting on a lot somewhere, exploring plans for maximizing fleet utilization can lead to practical solutions that can move the needle and increase profits. Here are 3 tips on what you can do to remain competitive:

·  Embrace flexibility 

·  Keep up with new tools 

·  Adapt to the market's needs 

Using the COOP platform provides helpful resources and options to plan accordingly and keep your business moving. 

Most Used Vehicles for Moving

Depending on the size of the job, a wide range of vehicles are needed to have sufficient space and capabilities to transport belongings. The following are some of the most commonly used vehicles during peak moving season:

·  Box Trucks

·  Cargo Vans

·  Trailers

Want to get more specifics about these vehicles? Read our guide for more details about each one.

Need Extra Vehicles? Have Trucks Sitting Idle?

Join COOP by Ryder and Everyone Wins!

There are many ways businesses can take advantage of a revolutionary commercial vehicle sharing community like COOP during the moving season. With our innovative tools, we’re helping businesses overcome challenges and optimize fleet utilization. By registering for an account, you can get access to thousands of commercial vans, trucks, tractors, and trailers available for rent in your area. Plus, companies with idle equipment can list their vehicles to earn thousands in additional revenue.

Download our complete moving season guide now to get more insights!


*Sources: American Trucking Associations, Forbes, IbisWorld

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