Vehicle Downtime Coverage Announcement

Vehicle Downtime Coverage Announcement

Here at COOP, we always strive to improve our offerings so that businesses can share their vehicles with confidence. Today, we’re excited to announce that we have launched our new Vehicle Downtime Coverage! With this new coverage, your business can get peace of mind and guarantee you won’t miss out on your vehicle earnings. 

Secure Your Earnings with Vehicle Downtime Coverage

How does Vehicle Downtime Coverage work? When you elect this coverage, for just $10 per day for trucks and tractors and $5 per day for trailers if your vehicle is in an incident during the rental, your company’s vehicle will continue to earn the daily rental rate until it is returned, or up to 29 days.

As an Owner on the platform, you’re still responsible for keeping your vehicles in good condition. Vehicle Downtime Coverage does not apply to incidents caused by issues that could have been avoided with preventive maintenance. In the event of any other accident or theft, you will be covered by Vehicle Downtime Coverage.

How Does Your Business Opt-in? 

We have made it as simple as possible for you to elect for Vehicle Downtime Coverage. You have the control to make the coverage default to opt into Vehicle Downtime Coverage for all your reservations or opt in or out of the coverage when you receive a reservation. Here’s how you can choose this coverage for all future rentals: 

Select coverage in the Desktop app:

  • Navigate to your Manage Fleet while logged in
  • Go to your Fleet Settings tab
  • Elect the Vehicle Downtime Coverage checkbox

Select coverage in the Mobile app:

  • Open the mobile app, log in
  • Open the Vehicles from the dropdown
  • Go to the Fleet Settings tab
  • Check the box to opt-in for Vehicle Downtime Coverage

Peace of Mind for Your Business

It’s our pleasure to bring you this latest improvement to give you peace of mind as you do business with the COOP platform. More details on Vehicle Downtime Coverage can be found on our Help Center. We recommend that you opt-in for this coverage across your fleet so that you can guarantee your earnings even in the event of an incident. With this coverage, we hope to make it as easy as possible for you to continue to share your vehicles with confidence.

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