Where is Inflation Headed?

Where is Inflation Headed?

In the second half of 2022, prices of goods and services continued to rise and didn’t seem to have an end. Now that we’ve started a new year, unease about inflation is still not over. But on the bright side, some experts predict some relief towards the latter half of 2023.  

These concerns affect everyone and businesses in trucking and transportation should monitor these changes. Download our white page to read more about what to expect in Q1 and beyond until the market sees some normalization.

Notable Changes in Inflation

The inflationary percentages in the following categories demonstrates note-worthy mentions of where the economy is still hurting or starting to get better. As a result of some increasing costs, the central bank is expected to raise interest rates soon to bring looming inflationary concerns under control.

How are businesses adjusting to these shifts? Remaining flexible and finding new solutions like the COOP vehicle sharing platform can unlock opportunities to stay profitable in the new year.

Read our white page for more stats and information.

Adapting to a Changing Economic Environment

The COOP platform is a great tool that provides ultimate flexibility for your fleet needs. As companies look for new ways to take control of their operations, we’re offering a convenient way to quickly adapt to changes in the market when your business needs it.

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Download our inflation outlook white page now to get more insights!

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