May 29, 2020
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Your First COOP Owner Transaction – What to Expect?

Your trucks are listed, you’ve gone through all of the Owner Best Practices, and it’s time to get your idle vehicle on the road. Be confident going into your first rental and follow these tips to make your transaction go smoothly.

Approve a Rental Reservation

You look down at your phone and you see a notification from the app that one of your vehicles has been requested. Now what? Look to see how that Renter has been rated by other Owners on the platform by checking out their star rating. And, see how long they want to rent your vehicle. If everything is up to your standards and your vehicle is available, approve the reservation as soon as you can through the app.

Talk with the Renter

Most instructions should be clearly available on your vehicle listing, but the Renter may have some simple questions. They may ask for confirmation of your vehicle’s capabilities or how best to complete their pick-up and drop-off flow. Be available to them to make your rental go as smoothly as possible.

When you address your Renter’s concerns it does more than resolve a transaction. It builds a relationship that can lead to repeat rentals, and more revenue from your vehicles in the future. Plus, good communication with the Renter is one of the main ways to get a high rating at the end of your rental. These reviews will be available to future, prospective Renters and could determine if they reserve your vehicle or another.

The Pick-Up Process

The day that the rental begins can be as personal as you choose. Whether you’d like to leave the keys in a lockbox or hand them off yourself is up to you. In any case, a Driver will arrive at the location specified and follow the instructions you’ve listed to retrieve the vehicle. It’s only required for the Driver to complete the pick-up process, but you are more than welcome to capture your own pictures before it goes out on the road. We recommend uploading pictures to the app of:

  • Front of the vehicle
  • Sides of the vehicle, including tires
  • Cargo bay
  • Mileage
  • Fuel Level
  • Refrigeration Hours (where applicable)

This process can all be done easily with our mobile app, available on The App Store and Google Play. It should not take any longer than a few minutes. Now your vehicle is out on the road generating revenue for your business instead of sitting idle in the lot, so let’s follow it along!

The Drop-off Process

Similar to the pick-up process, this can be as direct or indirect as you prefer and your facilities are capable of. Any special instructions for the drop-off process should be on the vehicle listing or communicated to the Renter before this day.

Again, it’s not required, but if you want to document the vehicle upon its return, walk-around your vehicle and photograph all the same areas as your pick-up process immediately after the vehicle is dropped off. It rarely happens, but if there are any damages notify our team right away. We’ll make every effort to resolve the matter in a timely way.

Rate and Review

After all that, hopefully you have had a good experience, and there are more reservation requests waiting for you! Be sure to rate your experience with the Renter and leave any comments about the rental. We are always trying to improve the experience for our Owners on the platform and take your feedback into consideration.

As you get more and more reservations, these steps will become normal for you. One of our Owners, Britt’s Home Furnishings, has been able to grow their fleet by easing their lease payments with COOP. Over time, it becomes very easy to complete the transaction process and you’ll be able to generate revenue on the platform without hesitation.

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