Commercial Trailer Rentals in Phoenix, AZ

As a business near Phoenix, AZ, you know how important it is to have the right tools in order to thrive. When it comes to moving goods, commercial trailers are a must-have for transport companies. The flexibility that trailers offer means that they can be adapted to a wide variety of business needs. It's now easier than ever to rent a commercial trailer. The COOP platform offers a variety of trailer options from different brands. From deliveries to moving day, renting a reliable commercial trailer can optimize your fleet in Arizona.

Common Trailer Features

Size and Dimensions

  • Trailer lengths available: 16 ft., 24 ft., 26 ft., 28 ft., 45 ft., 48 ft., 53 ft.
  • Trailer widths available: 96", 102"
  • Inside height: 110"
  • Cargo space ranging from 547 cu. ft. to 1,600 cu. ft.

Door and Access

  • Full-swing or roll-up doors
  • Double doors in most variations
  • Side doors for easier loading/unloading

Flooring and Insulation

  • Heavy-duty duct floors and 3-inch insulation
  • Flooring options: Laminate, Wood, Rubber, or Aluminum

Load Capacity and Weight

  • Payload capacity ranging up to 14,500 lbs.
  • GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) ranging up to 33,000 lbs.
  • Load capacity of up to 7,000 lbs.

Suspension and Handling

  • Air-ride suspension available
  • Various hitch types: Gooseneck, Weight-Distributing, and Fifth-Wheel

Technological Features

  • Tire pressure monitoring systems
  • Electronic stability control
  • E-Track and other load-securing systems

Environmental and Regulatory Compliance

  • Many trailers are CARB compliant

Construction Material

  • Light aluminum and steel flatbed construction options available

Additional Features

  • Multiple compartments to suit different needs
  • Hydraulic lift gates with standard power up and down features
  • Body reinforced to accept forklift loading

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The specifications listed are based upon COOP's most commonly rented fleet. They are not the exact measurements of all fleet vehicles rented by COOP. Specifications will vary by make, model, and year of trailer.

Trailer Rental Options

No matter the job, enjoy the freedom of flexibility at competitive rates.

Seasonal demand with excess capacity

Efficiently secure trailers and vehicles for use during peak times.

Short & long term rentals

Get more choices to meet immediate needs or fulfill extended requests.

Bulk rentals

Streamline your fleet operations with multiple vehicles.

Storage Trailers

A secure and convenient solution for storing inventory.

Rows and rows of trailers sitting in a parking lot

Bulk Commercial Vehicle Rentals

Looking for a large quantity of Trailers? Our team can help with all large-scale transportation needs for maximum efficiency and savings.

Get negotiated rates
Bulk rentals provide the opportunity for a price break on reservations.
Pick-up and source multiple vehicles from one location

With COOP, you have the ability to choose from hundreds of pick-up locations across the nation or locally in Arizona.

Vehicle repositioning and transfers
Speak with our team about solutions and options for deliveries, load outs, and tow aways.
Request Multiple Vehicles

Available Trailer Types

On the COOP platform, common variations of Trailers listed for rent in Phoenix, AZ include:

Refrigerated Trailers

Temperature-sensitive items are effectively accommodated in refrigerated trailers during transit. The installation of a temperature control device makes them different from typical dry van trailers. As the journey progresses, the unit attempts to keep the environment favorable. Fresh produce, flowers, and meat are just examples of products that can be transported in a refrigerated trailer.

Flatbed Trailers

With a platform-like in design, flatbeds lack a roof and walls. The flatbed trailer is an appropriate vehicle for wide loads with odd shapes since it lacks an enclosure. Due to the endless number of duties the trailer is capable of performing, the majority of enterprises in the transportation sector employ flatbeds to carry out their operations. Occasional usage of a tarpaulin and stakes can provide security and safety for products while they are in transportation.

Dry Van Trailers

The enclosure of dry van trailers is meant to provide security and privacy. When items are transported uncovered, the road conditions, which are constantly uncertain, can result in losses. Although dry trailers can be any size, the most typical range is 45 to 53 feet. You must fit the dry van's size to its degree of fuel consumption and overall operational costs.

Trailer Brands

COOP offers multiple brands of rentals in Phoenix, AZ, check below for some potential brands for rent depending on availability.


Due to their minimal weight and advanced technology, Wabash trailers are in high demand. Reefer and dry trailers with Duraplate composite walls have less overall weight, which increases fuel efficiency. The walls of the trailer are protected from corrosion and collision for durability, protecting the cargo as well as the trailer.

Great Dane

Great performance and sturdiness have always been associated with Great Danes. These trailers guarantee to do any assignment in the finest way possible. With nail strips and a surface with a safety grip, Great Dane's Freedom open deck trailers are built for cargo safety. The metal floor provides flexibility and strength to bear any load size judged appropriate.


With their trailer line, Hyundai, a long-standing company, gives the transportation sector a competitive edge. The Hy-Cube Dry Van has a well-designed interior that not only provides a volume of up to 4050 cubic feet but also cargo safety through the use of durable yet simple-79-maintain plastic liners.

Renter Testimonial

Don't just take our word, hear what COOP customers have to say about our platform.

“The supply of short-term rental trucks was almost impossible. COOP was able to help by connecting us to equipment Owners that weren’t utilizing their fleets.”

Paul Meador
President, Everglades Harvesting Inc.

“I like the convenience of being able to pick up the vehicles when I need them, check them out on the app, take pictures, and get on the road.”

Jondra Grier
Manager, Mt. Pisgah Food Pantry

Trailer Uses

The commercial fleet vehicles rented on COOP can be used for any of your business needs. Here are some examples of the types of uses for Trailers rented on COOP.


Any construction project can be completed more quickly when supplies and machinery are delivered on a regular basis. You can be confident that large consignments of building materials will be moved quickly by using trailers. For goods like cement that are susceptible to water damage, renting a dry van trailer can provide interim storage and safety.

Fresh Produce Distribution

Because they are perishable, farm products must be transported with extreme caution. The best mode of transportation for both the final consumer's safety and the company's revenue is a reefer trailer. The best temperature conditions for preserving the freshness of the cargo are maintained by reefer trailers which are also available in different configurations.

Moving Services

Along with a wider selection of trailers, a powerful tractor increases the number of goods that can be transported. Moving firms employ trailers because they can transport both home and office appliances with ease. The dry van is the most common type because of its safety characteristics.


What size of the trailer can I use to move an excavator?

Depending on the needs at hand you are there is a trailer that fits your needs when renting with COOP. The sizes vary from 28 to 53 ft and you can settle for whatever option caters to your wants.

Where can I rent a trailer?

By joining a truck-sharing platform like COOP you can rent the trailer you need for your business in Phoenix, AZ.

Who has reliable trailers for rent in Phoenix?

COOP offers great options in accessing the trailer rental of your choice. By using the app you get to go through the entire process of acquiring a trailer at the comfort of your home or office.

Who is COOP?

Our cutting-edge platform lets your business unlock the ability to rent and list quality trailers and new and late-model trucks, tractors, and vans all in one place. Backed by Ryder’s team of experts and years of extensive knowledge in the industry, we’re empowering companies to maximize the potential of their fleet operations.

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How COOP Works

With thousands of dry van, refrigerated, flatbed trailers, chassis, and new and late-model power units to choose from, COOP makes it easy for businesses to find more than just a rental vehicle. Here’s how you can too:


Create Your Account

After completing the registration form, a COOP member will connect with you to set up your free account. Then, get ready to start reserving!


Find Your Vehicles

You can use various filters or speak with our expert team to search for the equipment that perfectly fits your business’s needs. Request to reserve vehicles directly from a mobile device or desktop computer.



Once at the pick-up location, drivers will upload photos of the vehicle’s condition on the platform and get the keys from the vehicle’s owner to begin a rental and get on the road.



To complete reservations, simply have drivers return the vehicles to their designated locations, hand off the keys, and upload some return pictures. Pay the daily rate and mileage, and you're done!

Trust & Safety

Confidence on every rental.

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COOP Coverage

A quick, cost-effective, and hassle-free quality option that offers $100K physical damage and $1M liability.

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24/7 Roadside Assistance

Included with all reservations, we strive to get you the services you need and connect you with a local vendor to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

A vector illustration of a clipboard with a pen and a check mark.
Carefully Vetted Vehicles

Our vehicle requirements are set in place to make sure your business receives regularly serviced and well-maintained vehicles in good working condition.

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