Premium Owners Program

The Premium Owner program highlights & rewards our top-rated and most active Owners on COOP.

Premium Owner Perks & Benefits

As a Premium Owner you get these benefits:
Premium Badge on Listings to Attract More Renters
Prioritized Listings That Appear Before Non-Premium Owners’ Listings
Eligible for Customer Feature Stories and Promoted Listings
Prioritized Pairings with Premium Renters
Dedicated Customer Support Number

Premium Account Requirements

Every quarter, we evaluate your performance as an Owner. If you meet the program requirements, you’ll automatically become a Premium Owner based on the following assessments:
  • 4.5+ Average Star Rating
  • 500 Rental Days on the Platform in the Last Quarter or 1,000 Days in the Previous 12 Months
  • 80% Reservation Acceptance Rate in the Last Quarter
  • Median Response Time of 4 Hours or Less in the Last Quarter

Want to know more?

Get more details about the Premium Owner program by chatting with our team.

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