Refrigerated Straight Truck Rental in Boston, MA

Refrigerated straight trucks, and other forms of ‘reefers’, are responsible for transporting over 90 percent of the food that Americans eat today. These trucks are nearly identical to a regular straight truck, except for the refrigeration unit and insulation in their cargo area. These features allow the operator of these ‘reefers’ to control the temperature of the cargo area to be anywhere between 55 degrees Fahrenheit to -20 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the needs of the cargo. By joining COOP, you can rent a refrigerated straight truck in the Boston, Massachusetts area for your temperature-controlled cargo hauling needs.

Common Refrigerated Straight Truck Features

  • Refrigerated cuboid-style storage area
  • Require thorough cleans after every cargo transport
  • Diesel, Gas, or Electric-Powered Refrigeration System
  • Separate Fuel Tank for Powering Refrigeration System
  • Range from Class 3 to Class 7 Vehicle Weight (12,500 lb. to 33,000 lb.)
  • Automatic Transmission, Cruise Control, and A/C Temperature Control

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Available Refrigerated Straight Truck Types

Here are some possible variations of Refrigerated Straight Truck rentals in Boston

Insulation Straight Truck

Insulation straight trucks are a hybrid between a traditional refrigerated straight truck and a dry truck. That is because, though they lack an active refrigeration system, these trucks have thick insulation, around 50 millimeters, which traps cold air in and keeps cargo cool for long periods of time. These trucks are great for cool, long-lived, or non-perishable goods going shorter distances, like flowers or personal care products.

Semi-Freezer Straight Truck

Semi-Freezer straight trucks have their own refrigeration system and thicker insulation, which is typically about 75 millimeters thick. This combination allows this style of refrigerated straight trucks to transport cool goods, like refrigerated foods or medical supplies. Additionally, because they are not full freezer trucks, many of these trucks come equipped with measures that result in a quick defrost of the cargo area once the trip has been completed.

Full-Freezer Straight Truck

Full-Freezer straight trucks have all the features of a Semi-Freezer straight truck, such as the thick insulation and refrigeration system in the cargo area, while also adding another layer of protection: extra heat-resistant thickness in the doors and sidewalls. This extra protection provides a greater freeze temperature capability for the cargo area and makes this variation of refrigerated straight trucks great for perishable goods that need to be refrigerated, and for frozen goods that need to go longer distances.

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Truck Brands

COOP offers multiple brands of rentals in Boston, check below for some potential brands for rent depending on availability.

Thermo King

Thermo King is an American manufacturer, and Thermo King is also a global leader in refrigeration and heating technology for transporting your cargo and freight. Founded in 1938, they are a reliable choice for your refrigerated straight truck needs, and you can find this temperature control technology in your next refrigerated straight truck rental by leveraging the COOP platform. Some of the models you may find of Thermo King’s refrigeration units include the Thermo King T-90 series or the Thermo King E-200 series.

Great Dane

Great Dane is known for its internal mission to be “champions” of its drivers and ensure that its technology is successfully able to safely and efficiently deliver freight to its final destination. Because of this, they offer a variety of options to meet their customers’ needs, including different lengths for their cargo areas to accommodate different load capacities, aluminum flooring for heavy-duty loads, and a partnership with Thermo King technologies to offer world-class reefer units for keeping cargo at the desired temperature. Look out for their Great Dane ECL or their Great Dane Everest models on COOP.

Wabash National

Wabash National is a well-known American manufacturer that was founded in 1985. Headquartered in Lafayette, Indiana, this manufacturer is America’s largest manufacturer of semi-trailers and liquid transportation systems. One of their specialties is making refrigerated vehicles, making them an excellent choice for your refrigerated straight truck rental needs. Some of the models of the reefer straight truck you may find available in Boston, Massachusetts are the Wabash Arcticlite and the Wabash MSC Reefer.

Refrigerated Straight Truck Uses

The truck rented on COOP can be used for any of your business needs. Here are some examples of the types of uses for Refrigerated Straight Trucks rented on COOP.

Medical Equipment Transportation

Medical equipment is very sensitive to the temperature, and often medical equipment has very low temperatures that it needs to be stored at or else it risks going bad. The refrigerated straight truck and its ability to keep the cargo area as cold as -20 degrees Fahrenheit provides a safe and predictive way to get these important and life-saving medicines between hospitals and medical service sites.

Produce Delivery

Refrigerated straight trucks and other forms of reefers are responsible for transporting 90% of the food Americans eat, so it’s no surprise that a refrigerated straight truck is a great vehicle for transporting produce and delivering it to both businesses and consumers. The insulation and refrigeration units on these vehicles help to keep these foods fresh and reliable.

Personal Care Products

Personal care products can spoil or may even be flammable if they are not transported at the proper temperatures. Transporting these products in an insulated and temperature-controlled cargo area is important to avoid having a spoiled batch. By selecting the refrigerated straight truck that has the floor type and the cargo area length for the specifics of the freight you’re transporting, you can ensure that you successfully deliver these products through the last mile of your operations.

Boston, MA Businesses Using Refrigerated Straight Trucks

The city of Boston, Massachusetts has a lot of residents that need to purchase and consume food and produce. However, a good amount of the food that Boston residents eat is not grown within the urban city and instead must be transported from outside of the city where there is more agriculture. Refrigerated straight trucks make it possible for the citizens of Boston to eat, and if you are looking to rent a vehicle for produce delivery, you can include a refrigerated straight truck rental with COOP in your produce delivery strategies.


Where can I rent a refrigerated straight truck in Boston, Massachusetts?

If you are looking for an easy and convenient platform that allows you to rent a refrigerated straight truck from trusted businesses, then you can find the refrigerated straight truck that you need on COOP!

How much does it cost to rent a refrigerated straight truck in Boston, Massachusetts?

Prices may vary, but you can find a refrigerated straight truck for rent on COOP starting at $93 a day, depending on the model that you are looking to rent.

Does COOP have heated refrigerated straight trucks available?

No, COOP does not have heated refrigerated straight trucks available, but an insulated straight truck may be able to suit the need of transporting the heated cargo, so long as it’s not perishable.

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Step 3

Submit a reservation request for the truck of your choice. You will then receive a confirmation containing all the pickup information you need. Payment will be made at pickup via credit card.

When you pick up the truck, it is important to take pictures. This will protect you in case the owner assumes you caused any damage in return.

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