Single-axle Day Cab Rental in Dallas, TX

Single-axle day cabs are used a lot for delivery services. These tractors come in different configurations making it easy to carry out different transportation tasks. In addition, with COOP by Ryder, you are sure to get a single-axle day cab rental of your preference in Dallas.

Common Single-axle Day Cab Features

  • Perfect for city and local deliveries
  • Licensed GCW 65,000 lbs.
  • Air suspension driver seat for a more comfortable ride
  • Power steering, air conditioning, motorized mirrors, well-appointed cab interiors for added driver comfort
  • Electronic engines with improved power and fuel efficiency

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Available Single-axle Day Cab Types

Here are some possible variations of Single-axle Day Cab rentals in Dallas

Peterbilt 337 Single-axle Day Cab 

The Peterbilt 337 single axle day cab is a classic, with some of the most unique functionalities. This model has up to 33,000lbs in GVW and is designed to carry out big jobs. One of the best features of this day cab is the sloping aerodynamic hood which gives added visibility. 

Sterling AT9500

Sterling company has some of the best day cabs, with the AT500 model being among the best in their fleet. It offers top-notch features that makes the single-axle day cab one of the best. The Sterling AT9500 boasts a 450 horsepower and a maximum wheelbase length of 192 inches.

Volvo VNM42T Single-axle Day Cab

Volvo VNM42T is a heavy duty day cab with a 365 horsepower engine and a 10-speed transmission. It is among the top most-relied on tractors and has a D11 Volvo engine with a rear axle of 23,000lbs. This day cab is designed to partake in different businesses that need both light duty and heavy duty hauling.

Freightliner CA125DC Cascadia

Freightliner is known for having some of the most efficient fleets on the roads today. The CA125DC cascadia day cab is among some of the best single-axle day cab tractors there are. It has a Detroit DD13 engine with a 500 horsepower and a 174-inch wheelbase.

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Tractor Brands

COOP offers multiple brands of rentals in Dallas, check below for some potential brands for rent depending on availability.


International was established in 1902 and has some of the most sought-after single-axle day cabs. Their fleet is unique and applicable in different fields in the transportation industry. With a huge customer base, the company has managed to open 1000 dealerships in Mexico, Brazil, Canada, and the U.S. 


Peterbilt is a subsidiary of Paccar and was founded in 1939. The company has its headquarters in Denton, Texas but has manufacturing plants in Sainte-Therese. One of the most outstanding characteristics of Peterbilt single-axle day cabs is fuel efficiency and safety which are some of the best qualities that business owners look for in tractors. Also, over their years of operation, Peterbilt has gradually leveraged technology and innovation to improve the performance and functionality of its fleet. 


Founded in 1942, freightliner is regarded as the leading truck manufacturer in North America. Heavy duty Class 8 trucks are the most common inventory of the Freightliner fleet but the company also manufactures Class 5 and 7 trucks. While it started as a single entity, now it operates as a subsidiary of the Daimler Group.


Volvo day cabs have some of the best functionality specs, apart from the fact that they also come in elegant designs. There are different engine selections to choose from, which also have natural gas fueling provisions. Also, the company has different dealerships in different destinations so, finding a station for repair and maintenance is easy.

Single-axle Day Cab Uses

The tractor rented on COOP can be used for any of your business needs. Here are some examples of the types of uses for Single-axle Day Cabs rented on COOP.


Automobiles with the required maximum load capacity can be hauled by single-axle day cabs.. The maximum number of vehicles they can tow is dictated by the model and the GVWR of the day cab. For towing applications, single axle day cabs don’t necessarily have to be used for commercial purposes only. 


Most landscaping needs revolve around huge equipment and items. Some of these items cannot fit in enclosed trucks and trailers. As such, single-axle day cabs are used by landscaping companies to carry their equipment. One of the advantages of using these tractors is because the size and weight of the cargo does not affect the functionality of the tractor. 


When it comes to the loads they can carry, single axle day cabs offer a lot of versatility. This makes them a great choice for making local deliveries in Atlanta. Small of medium sized box trailers can be attached if the kind of goods being transported need protection. What’s more, single axle day cabs are easy to maneuver with as compared to other tractors with more axles. 

Dallas, TX Businesses Using Single-axle Day Cabs

Towing companies use differently configured single-axle day cabs to carry out their operations. Single-axle day cab rentals can be easily accessed on the COOP website through a few simple steps. Towing companies often need to tow different vehicle sizes, and while single-axle day cabs may not be able to tow multiple vehicles at the same time. they come with features that make it possible to haul different vehicle types.


Rent Single-axle Day Cabs in Dallas with COOP

Step 1

Create a free account with COOP. You will need to be approved based on insurance requirements and operating authority standards.

Step 2

From the available tractor options, make your selection then send a request. After the request is made your tractor will be reserved for you and you will have to wait for the owner to accept it.

Step 3

Submit a reservation request for the tractor of your choice. You will then receive a confirmation containing all the pickup information you need. Payment will be made at pickup via credit card.

When you pick up the tractor, it is important to take pictures. This will protect you in case the owner assumes you caused any damage in return.

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