Refrigerated Straight Truck Rental in Jersey City, NJ

When ferrying temperature-sensitive cargo, refrigerated straight trucks are the vehicles of choice. Businesses in Jersey City that need refrigerated straight truck rentals for transportation can easily rent with COOP. The platform has made the process of renting refrigerated straight trucks easy for businesses in different locations, including Jersey City.

Common Refrigerated Straight Truck Features

  • E-Track equipped for securing loads
  • Wide temperature range
  • Side doors for easier loading/unloading
  • Hydraulic lift gate with large 60" x 80" platform with 3,000 lb. of capacity
  • Automatic transmission and power steering for easy driving
  • Cargo space: up to 1,600 cubic feet of cargo space, 26,000 GVW up to 7,000 lb. of load capacity, 33,000 GVW up to 13,000 lbs.
  • Increased power with electronic standby and automatic start-stop features of refrigeration unit for convenience, fuel savings, and lower emissions

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Available Refrigerated Straight Truck Types

Here are some possible variations of Refrigerated Straight Truck rentals in Jersey City

Multiple Temperature Zone Trucks

Opposed to the single temperature control unit fixed to the front of the cargo area in other reefer trucks, a multiple temperature zone straight truck has more than one cooling unit. This helps in the shipping of goods that have different temperature requirements under one roof. For instance, you can haul both dairy products and vegetables within one cargo space.

Metallic Floor

Metallic floors are installed in refrigerated straight trucks for several reasons, the major ones being durability and maintenance. The metal floor makes it possible for the truck to ship heavy loads without it getting any damages. The smooth surface of the floor enables the smooth loading process of goods. When cleaning the interior of the truck the metallic floor makes the process less daunting with little to no bad odors left behind.

Wooden Floor

Hardwood, being the common material used for wooden floors, offers durability and cargo safety. The porous nature of wood ensures that the cargo area is well ventilated. This type of floor goes hand in hand with the shipments of items like flowers and vegetables because they need ample airflow to retain their lushness. The wooden floors act as shock absorbers, ensuring goods remain intact even when the truck goes off on rough terrains.

Featured rental vehicles

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2014 Hino 268

24ft Reefer Truck
Cascade Logistics LLC.
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2011 Isuzu

16ft Reefer Truck
Elle Transport LLC
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2007 International

16ft Reefer Truck
A&A Kaplan LLC

Truck Brands

COOP offers multiple brands of rentals in Jersey City, check below for some potential brands for rent depending on availability.


Freightliner is well-known for the production of strong and potent trucks with highly equipped technology. The aforementioned vehicles are generally advanced and developed to ensure that the commodities are left fresh and last longer under an extended mileage.


Utility manufactures dependable refrigerated straight trucks with the goal of improving the efficiency and profitability of their customers’ businesses. Utility also manufactures trucks geared towards ensuring low costs of operation. This is mainly achieved by the improved fuel efficiency of the truck and the aerodynamic exterior design.

Great Dane

Great Dane is aimed at developing next-generation trucks that can meet the tough challenges that come their way. Refrigerated vehicles under this brand are equipped with innovative technology that gives the company a competitive advantage. The reefer straight trucks are thermally efficient, which means they maintain set temperatures throughout the journey.

Refrigerated Straight Truck Uses

The truck rented on COOP can be used for any of your business needs. Here are some examples of the types of uses for Refrigerated Straight Trucks rented on COOP.

Flower Delivery

Flowers are precious types of cargo that tend to be easily damaged if transported in poor conditions. A refrigerated straight truck ensures the flowers get to be delivered in the most favorable manner from the farm to their appropriate destination. The controlled temperature also ensures that they retain their vibrant colors.

Fresh Produce Delivery

The design of refrigerated straight trucks makes it possible for it to ship perishable goods. The cooling system ensures that goods retain their freshness throughout the journey. Rent your next reefer straight truck with COOP to haul farm produce to its destinations fresh.

Medical Supplies

The chemical composition of most medications might be altered if transported in unwanted temperature conditions. The temperature within the cargo area of a refrigerated straight truck can be set to house the medical supplies during transit.

Jersey City, NJ Businesses Using Refrigerated Straight Trucks

Refrigerated straight trucks are a key player within the eatery industry. Moving of beverages and fresh foodstuff is made possible with the help of different types of refrigerated straight trucks. If you are a business owner in Jersey City use the COOP platform to get access to available refrigerated straight truck rentals near you.


Where can I rent a refrigerated straight truck?

Our COOP platform makes the attaining of a refrigerated straight truck a downhill task. Once you are registered with COOP you are free to rent the refrigerated straight truck of your choice from a local trusted business.

Who has a reliable refrigerated straight truck for rent in Jersey City?

It all depends on what you are looking for but COOP helps in matching you to the refrigerated straight truck rentals that can satisfy your business needs.

How much does renting a refrigerated straight truck cost?

The price for renting refrigerated straight trucks varies from one another. COOP offers a convenient online sharing platform where you can easily rent a reliable refrigerated straight truck starting from as low as $143 per day.

Rent Refrigerated Straight Trucks in Jersey City with COOP

Step 1

Create a free account with COOP. You will need to be approved based on insurance requirements and operating authority standards.

Step 2

From the available truck options, make your selection then send a request. After the request is made your truck will be reserved for you and you will have to wait for the owner to accept it.

Step 3

Submit a reservation request for the truck of your choice. You will then receive a confirmation containing all the pickup information you need. Payment will be made at pickup via credit card.

When you pick up the truck, it is important to take pictures. This will protect you in case the owner assumes you caused any damage in return.

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