Trailer Rental in Orlando, FL

While most businesses, especially startups and other small businesses cannot afford to buy trailers, the next best option is to rent them. Trailers are designed to fit different business needs from those which require to carry and/or haul heavy loads to those which need to carry lighter loads. COOP makes it easy to rent a trailer of your choice for the period of time you need it.

Common Trailer Features

  • Trailer widths: 96”, 102”
  • Trailer lengths: 28ft., 45ft., 48ft., and 53ft.
  • Tire pressure monitoring systems
  • Interior height: 110”
  • Both roll-up or full-swing doors
  • Air ride suspension
  • E-Track
  • Heavy-duty duct floors and 3-inch insulation
  • Many CARB compliant
  • Light aluminum flatbed construction

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Available Trailer Types

Here are some possible variations of Trailer rentals in Orlando


Unlike some trailers which are enclosed, flatbed trailers, just like the name suggests are open trailers used in the transportation of a wide range of materials. They are also known as float, high boy trailers, flat deck, and weigh differently depending on the length. A 16” flatbed weighs about 1,600 lbs while a 20” trailer weighs 2,000 lbs.

Grain hopper trailers

Grain trailers are usually hauled by semi-trailers and are used for carrying heavy loads. They are heavy duty hence able to carry loose bulk commodities like grains, ballast, coal, or ore over long distances. The hopper trailers come in two types which include the open grain hopper trailers which do not have a roof and the closed grain hopper trailers which have a roof.

Drop-deck trailers 

They are also called the step-deck trailers which have lengths ranging from 25 ft to 29 ft. The difference between drop-deck trailers and flatbeds is that through the fitted gooseneck, they can drop below the height of flatbeds and this enables them to carry taller cargo. They have a flip axle which helps to improve balance by flipping down and in addition, they have two or depending on the brand and model, more axles.


Heavy haulers are trailers made for transporting oversized loads. These loads are those which have no permit or require an escort for road travel. Heavy haulers can move over long distances and most of them are heavy-duty because of the nature of loads they carry.

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Trailer Brands

COOP offers multiple brands of rentals in Orlando, check below for some potential brands for rent depending on availability.

Wabash National Corporation

This is one of the best-selling trailer brands and one of the best trailer brands in the USA. It aims at improving performance by adding new technologies to their production. The Dura-Plate and the Dura Plate HD van trailers are examples of the most common dry van trailers by Wabash National Corporation.


With the main focus on safety and quality, Timpte is highly recognized for its aluminum bulk trailers, dry van trailers, and grain trailers. Timpte is based at David City in Nebraska and makes use of the best technologies in the manufacture of bulk commodity trailers.


Having been in the market since 1960, Stoughton has over 150,000 high-quality operating trailers in Canada and the U.S. It is known for the manufacture of grain haulers, semi-trailers, chassis and more. In 2017 alone, Stoughton produced 15,600 trailers, with 300 of them being chassis and the rest being dry freight vans.

Hyundai Translead

This company was formed in 1989 and cuts the list of some of the best trailer companies, and also is the first to earn the ISO 9001 certification. In addition, it tops when it comes to the manufacture of refrigerated van trailers, container chassis, dry van trailers, and domestic containers in North America.


Manac is known for manufacturing a wide range of trailers and has different sales offices located in Western Canada, Ontario, USA, Montreal, Maritimes, New England, and Riviere-du-loup. It focuses on 6 types of dry van trailers that include eight-axle dry van, tridem dry trailer, b-train heated trailer, drop-van trailer, b-train reefer and the quad-axle dry trailer.

Trailer Uses

The trailer rented on COOP can be used for any of your business needs. Here are some examples of the types of uses for Trailers rented on COOP.


A lot of trailers are designed to suit businesses that require to haul different types and sizes of automobiles. Also, if you have an inoperable automobile then you can consider renting a trailer to haul it to where you want it.

Furniture and Appliances

To move heavy furniture to your destination, you will need a good trailer. Most trailers guarantee the safety of the load and are big enough to carry different furniture and appliances and every other household item you own.

Lawn-mowing businesses

Lawn-mowers need to be carefully hauled because the last thing you want is a spoiled blade as a result of careless transportation. Get a small trailer that can carry all your equipment as well as the lawn-mower.


While it can be stressful to haul construction equipment, it has never been easier to do so with a trailer. Also, you get to choose the size you want with regard to how much equipment you want to haul.

Camping equipment

Trailers can also be used to haul camping equipment to the site. Depending on how much you will need to haul, you can choose to have a small, medium or large trailer.

Orlando, FL Businesses Using Trailers

Trailers in Orlando are most suitable for construction companies. New houses get constructed every day and construction companies are consistently looking for trailers to solve some of their problems. Trailers make the hard work involved in construction easy helping to save time on different contracts. 


Rent Trailers in Orlando with COOP

Step 1

Create a free account with COOP. You will need to be approved based on insurance requirements and operating authority standards.

Step 2

From the available trailer options, make your selection then send a request. After the request is made your trailer will be reserved for you and you will have to wait for the owner to accept it.

Step 3

Submit a reservation request for the trailer of your choice. You will then receive a confirmation containing all the pickup information you need. Payment will be made at pickup via credit card.

When you pick up the trailer, it is important to take pictures. This will protect you in case the owner assumes you caused any damage in return.

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