Dry Trailer Rental in Stamford, CT

A dry trailer or dry van has an enclosed cargo compartment, typically shaped like a rectangle that protects cargo from the elements. Available in multiple different lengths and able to carry maximum loads of different weights, dry trailers are usually used to haul palletized, boxed, or loose freight. If your business in Stamford needs to find a dry trailer for rent, the COOP app is a simple, efficient, and useful tool to help find an affordable option to get your goods on the road!

Common Dry Trailer Features

  • Widths of 96" or 102"
  • Light aluminum and steel flatbed construction available to increase payload capacity

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Available Dry Trailer Types

Here are some possible variations of Dry Trailer rentals in Stamford

Pup Trailers

The smallest version of dry trailers are known as pup trailers, and they are typically used for smaller or lighter cargo loads. Usually available in variations between 26 ft and 28 ft, these can be used either alone or chained with two or three others for multiple loads or deliveries.

Moving Vans

Moving vans are perfect for hauling household goods, whether just a few streets over or across the country. Size is important when selecting a moving van, as some options are the right size to move a dorm room, others an apartment, and still others a large house.

General Dry Van Trailers

The most common type of trailer available, general dry van trailers have a variety of different uses and come in many different sizes and brands. While especially well-suited for moving dry, palletized, or boxed goods as well as appliances, they can be used for just about anything that needs to be transported while being protected from the elements.

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Trailer Brands

COOP offers multiple brands of rentals in Stamford, check below for some potential brands for rent depending on availability.

Great Dane

Great Dane is a company that is well known for paying close attention to detail when manufacturing their dry vans and is known for being especially dependable, safe, and long-lasting. They have several different models of dry trailers available according to your needs, whether it is the larger Champion model or the smaller Sahara, Great Dane manufactures high-quality dry trailers that can help your business in Stamford.


With experience in commercial engineering going all the way back to 1947, Hyundai has some of the most exceptional dry trailers available on the market today. The high-strength materials and innovative manufacturing processes used by Hyundai have led to the Hyundai Composite, CompositeXT, and HY-CubeGL model dry trailers which are all known for their high quality, dependability, and functionality to ensure your cargo will be protected.


The engineering and unique designs of Utility dry trailers provide added strength despite lower tare weights in their dry trailer models such as the 40000-X Composite. This is very important as every extra pound affects mileage and fuel efficiency, which is extremely important, especially in long-hauls with a lot of mileage. Using foam cores in the walls of their dry trailers, Utility has brought innovations that not only help the industry but also help your pocketbook when filling up the gas tank.


Vanguard dry trailers come with premium features to drive operational savings and bring more efficiency to your bottom line. They take great pride in building spacious and durable dry trailers, making them one of the industry leaders. Vanguard dry trailers like the VIP 4000, MaxCube, and VXP models are favored by truckers because they are more spacious, durable and include more safety features than dry trailers from other brands available on the market today.


Wabash National is a market leader in using technological innovations to create higher operational efficiency and drive cost savings for its customers. Their DuraPlate dry vans are considered best in class, and the DuraPlate HD model can save freight haulers 300 lbs in heavy-duty applications.

Dry Trailer Uses

The trailer rented on COOP can be used for any of your business needs. Here are some examples of the types of uses for Dry Trailers rented on COOP.

The dry trailers rented with COOP can be used for any of your business needs. Here are some examples of the types of uses for dry vans rented with COOP.

Appliance Hauling

Nearly every appliance that you buy today comes with electronic components, so it's more important than ever that appliances are protected from the elements during shipping and delivery. With their fully-enclosed cargo space, dry trailers are well-suited for appliance delivery and come in varying lengths that can provide enough room for nearly any appliance delivery needs. If your business in Stamford needs to haul appliances around or outside of the city, download the COOP app today to see what is available for rent!


Even though the construction industry is known for favoring tough and durable equipment and materials, there are still certain things used in construction that run the risk of being warped or damaged if they are left out in the elements. Dry trailer rentals can be an excellent choice for construction companies who need to move their equipment and materials to their job sites in Stamford, or even to protect the equipment and materials on-site until they are used. If your Stamford construction business needs a dry trailer to safely transport or store your materials, download and join COOP today to find the perfect rental for your needs.

Stamford, CT Businesses Using Dry Trailers

There are many construction, remodeling, and manufacturing companies that operate in Stamford today. Many of them have come to understand the great usefulness of dry trailers to use in their daily work. If your company needs a reliable dry trailer to haul your materials or manufactured goods in Stamford, download and join COOP today to find the right trailer for you!


Can dry trailers be used for construction?

Many construction companies in Stamford have realized how helpful dry trailer rentals can be for their business. Although construction companies are known for choosing tough and durable equipment to help do their work, there are many materials used in construction that can’t be left outside. Dry trailers help to transport and store the materials used in construction that could be damaged if they were left outside in the snow, rain, or sun. Download the COOP app today to begin your search to find the best dry trailer rental for your business.

Are dry trailer rentals affordable on COOP?

COOP offers very competitive rates for dry van rentals in Stamford. For example, you can rent a large dry trailer starting from $20 per day.

What methods of payment are accepted by COOP?

COOP accepts all major credit cards for deposit and rental payments.

Rent Dry Trailers in Stamford with COOP

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Step 2

From the available trailer options, make your selection then send a request. After the request is made your trailer will be reserved for you and you will have to wait for the owner to accept it.

Step 3

Submit a reservation request for the trailer of your choice. You will then receive a confirmation containing all the pickup information you need. Payment will be made at pickup via credit card.

When you pick up the trailer, it is important to take pictures. This will protect you in case the owner assumes you caused any damage in return.

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