October 12, 2022
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Commercial Vehicle Rental Market Guide: Fourth Quarter 2022

If you’re in the trucking and transportation industry, it’s no secret that Q4 is the busiest time of the year. It pays to be prepared and have your priorities in order.

While inflation, microchip shortages, and other events have impacted businesses everywhere, this quick overview will cover what’s next and how you can prepare during this historically busy season.

Download our complete Q4 guide for valuable insights to help your business capitalize on the transportation market for the last three months of 2022.

At a Glance: Q4 Seasonality Trends & Insights

  • E-Commerce –  The growth of the e-commerce market is climbing, and global sales expect to reach $5 trillion this year. Especially now there is an influx of goods, the need for trucks to deliver items on time is key. 
  • Celebrations, Events, and Seasonal Foods – In-person celebrations and events are making a huge comeback. With that comes delicious holiday meals and treats. Having vehicles to transport supplies and food will be essential.
  • Vehicle Shortage – Production of new equipment is still behind and companies looking to source trucks are having challenges. Fleets are turning to COOP to meet capacity with rentals that meet their needs.
  • And more

Download our complete guide to read more about these topics and for additional insights affecting the market.

Historical Rental Trends for Q4

Based on historical rental trends on COOP, many businesses are already preparing to secure additional fleet capacity.

Popular Vehicle Types in Q4

·  Refrigerated Trucks

·  Final Mile Vehicles

· Trailers

To see more stats and information about in-demand vehicles, download our complete guide.

How COOP Can Help with Rentals

Acquiring trucks for your business can be challenging in today's market. As a Renter on the COOP platform, you can find availability of thousands of specialized vehicles across the nation.

·  Reserve vehicles in advance to beat the holiday rush.

·  Be open to vehicles with slightly different specifications.

·  Expand your search area to discover more rental options.

How COOP Helps Your Business Earn Revenue

It’s simple and safe to list your vehicles and rent your vehicles to trusted Renters on the platform. Take advantage of the Q4 rush and use the following tips to drive earnings.  

·  Think outside the box to improve fleet utilization.

·  Set the best rental price with our innovative Smart Rate tool.

·  Keep your fleet flexible and availability up-to-date to profit from last-minute requests.

Find Success with COOP

COOP by Ryder is empowering businesses across the nation with easy, effective, and profitable transportation solutions.

Get more insights, stats, and data for Q4 2022! Download the complete Commercial Vehicle Rental Market Guide now.

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