Featured Business: Everglades Harvesting Inc.

Featured Business: Everglades Harvesting Inc.

Everglades Harvesting Inc. has provided labor-intensive farm services from harvest to first point of process since 1990. They originated with citrus and vegetable farm services out of South Florida, and have since expanded the business to include labor-intensive agricultural services all across the U.S. 

From late spring to early summer, their peak demand requires around 150 specially-equipped offroad tractor trailers. Everglades Harvesting was struggling to find extra capacity to meet this demand due to this year’s manufacturing and leasing shortages. It was even more difficult to find vehicles with the exact specs they needed in order to harvest crops. That’s when they learned about COOP by Ryder, the leading commercial vehicle sharing platform, that would allow them to increase their capacity with easy long-term rentals at the right time of year. 

Once Everglades Harvest joined COOP, they gained access to a wide network of businesses with commercial vehicles that could meet their transportation needs.

Almost immediately, Paul was able to reserve 32 tractors with the perfect specs from TG Mercer through the COOP platform. 

How was Paul able to get vehicles in the exact specs he needed despite the manufacturing setbacks? Read the full case study here.

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