June 24, 2022
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Using COOP to Boost Your Fleet’s Business Plan

If it’s been a while since you evaluated the vehicles in your fleet or the need for a truck, now might be a good time to see how you can maximize potential opportunities. Even though not every business operates the same way, adaptability is essential. Most companies can benefit from discovering new tools that can bring positive results when your business is in need of extra capacity or when your vehicles are sitting idle.

For those looking to optimize their fleet, COOP can be a part of your business’s fleet plan.

Why have thousands of businesses included us in their fleet’s business plan? 

  • Fleet Owners can maximize their income by listing their idle vehicles.
  • Our experts track market trends to help you build on your goals.
  • We offer Renters cost-effective vehicle options for short-term or long-term rentals. 

What Makes a Good Fleet Management Plan?

It helps to start with a thorough knowledge of the market where your vehicles operate. 

While there are many ways to develop or enhance a fleet management plan, you may want to consider some key fundamentals to find success.

Make a checklist and ask yourself the following questions to strengthen your plan:

  • What are your goals regarding profits, and what are other measures of success?
  • How will you meet those goals with changes in the commercial vehicle market?
  • How many vehicles do you have, and are they all used to their full capability?
  • What strategies or tools will your plan include to gain clients and continue to increase revenue?

A Flexible Plan Creates Opportunity

Let’s talk about flexibility. Keeping your fleet flexible will help you reach your objectives from the questions listed above. Your business will greatly benefit from being able to adapt quickly and efficiently. Be open to changes in the market and keep a pulse on seasonality and commercial vehicle trends. This way, you can anticipate your fleet’s needs and improve your bottom line.  

Whether you are an Owner, a Renter, or both, many customers have developed relationships that have opened the doors for finding solutions that complement their business needs.

Take Backhaul Direct as an example. Backhaul Direct wanted to minimize their vehicle downtime and listed them on the platform to rent. Read their case study to learn how they made over $300,000 in just a few months. They are a perfect example of how COOP can help Owner's improve fleet utilization, create a new stream of revenue, or cover transportation expenses.

When your business needs to find extra capacity, we can help your business find vehicles so you can continue to deliver for maximum operational efficiency. Everglades Harvesting Inc. is just one of the many who needed a solution to meet the demands of their growing business. Read their case study to learn how they reserved the 32 tractors they needed almost immediately with the COOP platform.

COOP as a Competitive Edge

With our innovative platform, your business has complete control to rent and rent out vehicles. And while an essential thing for every business is to drive profit, how your company sets itself apart and uses its resources effectively will be the driving force that leads to longevity and earnings.

A business’s fleet plan is a vital roadmap that COOP can be a part of. Join the many companies across the nation using our network and expertise as a competitive edge to get ahead.

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