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Act on Powerful Insights

Transform your business with COOP’s technology. Our experts will use timely market analysis to maximize your revenue.

Increase Utilization

Fleets listed with COOP yearlong perform best. See up to 98% utilization through rental days on the platform alone. 

Scale with Your Business

Grow your fleet, and your business with our help. We help you reinvest the top monthly earnings from COOP into more vehicles that perform well in the market. 

No fleet? No problem.

Drive a new steady source of passive income. Our experts can guide you to build a fleet dedicated to the COOP platform that will earn you top revenue each month. 

Increase Utilization with Powerful Market Insights

If you’re a pro at renting commercial vehicles, our experts can make your fleet have up to 98% utilization. Dedicate your idle commercial vehicles to COOP, and other trusted businesses on the platform will maximize your revenue. Transform your business with COOP’s technology. 

Sit Back & Earn with Your First Commercial Vehicles

If you’re just getting started, our experts make it easy to position your business well in the market. We help you leverage investment capital to build a fleet that other trusted businesses are in high demand to rent. That way, you can simply sit back and earn top revenue each month all year long. Drive a new steady source of passive income.

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Fill out our get started form, our experts will help in getting you fully on-boarded.

List your vehicles

Set your daily rates and upload photos, a description, and the location of your vehicles.*

Rent your vehicles

Approve renter’s rental requests. We vet all renters, but you get the final say.

Turn keys over to renter

Check in your renter and take pre-trip photos.

Get Paid

Earn up to $5,000 per month for each vehicle.
*If you don’t already have a commercial vehicle or want to expand your fleet, ask our team about vehicle selection and procurement options.

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Downtime Coverage

Continue to gain earnings on a rental in the event of an incident

Reservation management

Key hand-off and reservation assistance for remote rentals

Real-time Telematics

Keep an eye on servicing and track the location and mileage of your assets

Reservation and Parking Management

Key hand-off, reservation assistance, and convenient parking locations for rental pick-ups and drop-offs

Frequently asked questions

For more information or see some of our most common questions, please visit the Help Center

What is the best kind of unit to invest in?
Each unit class has different pros and cons depending on its demand, maintenance requirements, and ROI. Generally, trailers have a lower risk but have slightly lower returns, and day cabs and sleepers require more investment but provide higher ROIs. 
Where can I find the equipment to buy?
Our procurement team has contacts to help you find equipment with a high probability of being rented out consistently. 
What tax code is used for depreciation of commercial vehicles or trailers?
26 U.S. Code Section 168(k).,
What kind of insurance do I need for my business?
For trailers, insurance is not required to run a rental company. Even though it is not legally required, it is highly recommended that you carry insurance for your business. For power equipment, you must have non-trucking auto liability insurance as the minimum.
What kind of Renters are going to rent my units?
Our platform is only for business to business transactions. A qualified business must meet COOP’s standards to receive a login and be able to rent equipment on the platform. 
How do I get reimbursed for tolls incurred by Renters?
Upon completion of the rental transaction, please submit the receipts within 30 days so that we can bill the Renter for the amounts incurred.
What is needed to start a rental company?
All it takes is forming an official company and purchasing commercial vehicles. If you plan on purchasing power units, you must have intrastate DOT numbers to register the units.
Why do I need telematics for my equipment?
Telematics is not required, but it helps ensure that you have visibility of your equipment and also allows us to automate your business better.
What is IFTA?
IFTA stands for International Fuel Tax Agreement. For tax purposes, companies with commercial vehicles need to report how much fuel was used on their vehicle. This agreement does not apply to dry van trailers.
How do I report IFTA?
We require that Renters send in those receipts for IFTA reporting. If they do not send this information, they will be at fault and have to pay the cost for lack of reporting.
If I do not have a space for parking, where can I place my units?
We have a COOP fleet management solution in several markets. Here, you can have your units parked safely before and after reservations.
Can I use lending to buy commercial units?
Yes, lending is available for the purchase of your commercial vehicles. Terms are based on your company’s information. We offer tiered lending options through our Ryder team.

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